Amateur Video: Seducing My Frenemy's Husband from NikkiNevada


I've invited myself over to my frenemy's house for dinner. She and I proceed to finish off a couple of bottles of wine. Drunk and sick she makes her way to her bedroom where I assume she has passed out. Being pretty drunk myself I obviously can't drive home so I strip down, grab a sheet from the closet, and lay down on her couch. Some time during the night I am awoken to find my frenemy's husband standing there looking at me. He has just come home and is surprised to find me sleeping on his couch. Secretly this was my plan all along to seduce him. Standing I let the sheet fall. I can tell my plan is working. I sit back on the couch and begin gyrating my hips encouraging him to give in to me while his wife may or may not be asleep in the next room.



08:11 min


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