Terms and Conditions contest

Do you want to be the Piggy Princess on our site? 

Voting will begin on the indicated dates for each contest (see additional information on PBG Twitter). Check the terms and conditions below:

  1. All the girls that are registered on our website are eligible to the prices.
  2. All the registered members are allowed to vote.

  3. Just premium members  are allowed to vote only 5 time a day for different girls or for the same one. Votes that are shared on Twitter will be worth double. 

  4. You can vote by clicking the banner VOTE at the bottom of every girl's picture.

  5. Be aware that frauds will be controlled, detected and prosecuted by our website.

  6. The winner of the contest will be proclaimed Piggy Princess and will receive a prize of $300.

  7. The rest of the contest positions will receive the following prizes: 2nd place: $250, 3rd place: $200, 4th place: $150, 5th place: $100

  8. Girls who win places 1 to 5 will be paid via their account on PiggyBankGirls.

  9. If you're a girl you will have more opportunities of winning if you share your profile link on our page in your social media and with your followers.

  10. The winner of the contest will be announced via our website on the corresponding date.

  11. We reserve the right to eliminate any participant that commits fraud in the contest. If the winner has committed fraud the girl on the second place will automatically become the winner, and so on.

  12. Prizes  are in dollars appear in dollars. We will pay in you currency (according to the currency exchange on the day of the contest resolution).

  13. Extra Votes: Purchase greater than 10$ girl gets 50 votes and purchase lower than 10$ girl gets 20 votes.

  14. If you make any chargeback of the purchased item/s, these votes will not count.t
  15. We reserve the right to cancel contests at any time.