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We are the first Erotic Project/ bonus!

The original

The real stuff

Real girls, real projects, real content

The performers have total liberty in the presentation of their campaigns

We care

We do Fair Trade Porn

Responsible consumption and trade create a better world. Also in porn.


What is PiggyBank
Girls? The who, what and why of our project

The idea for the first erotic Bonus site for girls came from talking to girls that are in the erotic business, but also without any adult-related background. They told us that if they got into the erotic industry (or the reason why they got there, in the first case) they would do it for a specific goal and not just for paying rent or saving up money. For example, these girls wanted to go on a boat cruise, pay tuition fees, or even finance health or beauty related surgeries.

We realized that many of them could make those wishes come true by sharing a bit of themselves with interested people some sexy pictures, hot videos, a customized message or whatever occurs to them. We knew there were guys out there that do have money but are missing a little spice in their life and wouldn't mind supporting a girl and her dreams, in other words, being her occasional sugar daddy.

Basically, that's what you can do on PiggyBankGirls: fulfill other people's dreams to make their erotic fantasies come true. The girls can decide for themselves what to show and what to do in order to reach their funding goals, and the donators can decide how much they want to give to the girl of their choice.

We want to change the world

At least, that's what we aim at. We believe that eroticism needs to be different: more ethical, more humane and more esthetic

The Erotic community

There's no other place where you can help girls' projects and dreams come true and, in return, receive sexy rewards

We are Fair Trade

When you choose a fair trade product, it's because you care about its origins and about fair distribution of its earnings. We care about that as that's why we pay out 80% - something unique in the erotic business!

Awesome Support

We are proud of having the most caring support EVER! Really: put us to the test. We offer support in 4 languages, every issue is answered manually and with care. And you'll always get an answer!

Meet Our Team

We are a small team with huge hearts



Sascha has the organizing ability of Napoleon (she comes from France, coincidence?) and therefore provides the directions that PiggyBankGirls needs in order to work. She's the CEO of this project, in case that wasn't clear. In her spare time, she loves cooking and watching documentaries (about cooking...).



Dutch in the mindset and the way of working. Dutch excellence helps us to improve our support everyday, thanks to his serious, fun and young way of working. He's the big part of the team.


English support

Typical German sweetheart with a long history of not knowing what to do, Maria is responsible for English support and organisation of the funds and the website right now. She also handles social media.

What is this

"Erotic Bonus"?

There's the usual, mainstream way of getting where you want to go, but this is often not possible for many people. That's why the bonus presents itself as a unique opportunity to allow everybody to get what they want. This means you can introduce yourself and the reason why you need support in order to connect with people who like you or your ideas, or who just want to see more of your beauty.

Many girls have a very specific idea of what they need or where they want to be, but until now, there wasn't a place where they could give something hot and sexy back to the ones that supported them. That's how we came up with the idea for PiggyBankGirls. It's easy, it's fair and both girls and supporters can enjoy what they receive from each other.

The reason why one of our girls starts a fundraiser is as unique as the person behind it. It could be a new pair of glasses, help for the Bosnian and Serbian flood victims, a new tattoo or a vacation. Some reasons are more altruistic, others are more personal it simply depends on the girl and on what the supporters like, need or understand.

The idea of the bonus also allows for a wide array of possibilities: apart from girls who already have experience appearing naked on the internet, the typical next door girls can also show a little bit of themselves without getting too involved. PiggyBankGirls is for every girl.

4019 Total of Campaigns
74084 Happy Members
201292.01 Total Funded in $
2054 Days online

Giving without receiving? Only if you want to! Like on mainstream platforms, there's always a little thank you from the ones getting funded.

Choose your reward

You can choose a reward that you want to receive with your donation. See? Funding can be sexy!

The girls make the music

Every reward is produced, chosen and uploaded by the girls offering them. We do the quality control, and that's it!

What can it be?

Gratitude has many forms: On PBG, all of them can be summarized by the words hot, sexy, beautiful. More specifically, that means that there are pics, videos, webcam shows, worn goods and personalized rewards.

Send some love

If you don't want to receive anything in return for your help, don't despair. There's an option for that as well!

Blessed is the giver

Have you ever watched adult content with a feeling of deep, moral satisfaction? On PBG, you know exactly who gets how much for which cause. The lion's share goes to the girls.

The charity boner

This is erotic Community! Do good by getting off. Now that we say it like this, it kind of sounds like a religious catechism, but we assure you it's not. Yet.

The Fair Trade Porn Concept

Fair Trade Porn is the concept of equitable, safe, fair and respectful production and distribution of adult content

We want everybody to be happy. That sounds a bit corny, but it really is the principle of bonus and it's also what we want to achieve. How do you do that? Yes, you ask. There are actually several things we do: First, we provide a platform where both parties (girls and supporters) can benefit from each other, where support gets exchanged for beauty.

Second, we try to keep our fees as low as we can so that everybody gets as much out of it as possible. We charge a 20% share of every campaign, which is unique in the adult industry. Among other aspects, this is done by the elimination of intermediaries which would reduce the share of the girls. PiggyBankGirls is the only intermediary left in this concept.

Also, we care deeply about the nature and the production of our content. We have strict rules against child pornography, sodomy, violence, abuse and any kind of content that might show harmful, illegal, offensive or exceedingly scabrous elements.

On PiggyBankGirls, everybody is equal, no matter his or her gender, ethnicity, religion or other things that constitute the personality and the body of a human being.

For more information about our fair trade porn concept, please read through our philosophy.