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How do I sign up on PiggyBankGirls?

To create an account, you need your ID so that we can verify that you are over 18 (or the legally required age in your country), your full name, address and billing information in order to receive your earnings. Of course, none of these details will be shared with any third parties. Sign up now to start selling your content on PiggyBankGirls.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No! Registering and sharing your content is and will always be entirely free of charge. You will have your own personalized profile to sell your content and make money.

What makes PiggyBankGirls unique?

PiggyBankGirls is an erotic marketplace created by a woman, Sascha Schoonen, with the ambition to do everything in her hand to help self-made girls succeed. We have a big social media community that provides the opportunity for amateur girls to increase their fan base through various advertisement channels. Also, we are the pioneers of erotic crowdfunding and fair-trade porn. Our platform offers great freedom to girls for creating and sharing in a women friendly environment. Our mobile interface and our exclusive features make PiggyBankGirls unique because they allow you to manage your account from anywhere. And we are always innovating!

Which percentage of my profile earnings do I get?

We pay out 50% of the earnings on your profile. Another beneficial source of income is to use the affiliate link that you get when you register. If you share it on your social media, every time a member signs up through your link you will earn $1 and $5 for every premium member.

Which payment methods are used?

We pay by bank transfer and Paxum (you can request payment after you have earned $150).

What can I sell on PiggyBankGirls?

You can sell videos, photo sets or goods like worn panties and similar articles. It is also possible to sell your Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Follow on Twitter, etc. It is not possible to sell real life meetings.

Why does PiggyBankGirls keep some of my revenues?

We want to offer you a unique community and a user friendly platform where you can fully develop your talent. Therefore, we need to invest in staff, new features, promotion and marketing for our website.

Why is the 10% of my revenues blocked for 6 months?

Because some users do chargebacks, i.e. they cancel a bank card payment because of theft or fraud. When this happens, we have to pay them back. This kind of operation is very expensive for us but only the cost of the transaction is supported by you. Such transaction cost is withdrawn from the 10% fund; other fees such as bank and legal fees are paid by us.

Tips to be successful on PiggyBankGirls:

- Produce a lot of exclusive content! With the amount of free videos out there, users are more likely to pay for unique content.

- Focus on niche content; maybe you can figure out the particular wishes of users.

- Add content regularly in order to stay visible and encourage customer loyalty.

- Advertise your content on social media, forums, personal websites and live shows.

- Offer free content to bring more traffic to your profile and make more sales. They love it!

How much money can I earn on PiggyBankGirls?

The sky's the limit! You can earn from $10 to $10.000, depending on the quality of your content, your own promotional skills and your ability to find customers. We recommend you to make the most out of the benefits the PiggyBankGirls community offers you: feel free to use it as your own website, upload as much content as you can, message the members, share your profile and your affiliate link on all social media and connect your Twitter account to enjoy the autotweet feature. We want you to feel comfortable and to make as much money as possible!

How can I promote my PiggyBankGirls profile on social media?

You can connect your Twitter account to your profile on PiggyBankGirls. It’s very easy: you can go to “Account settings” – “Social media”, fill in the Twitter account box and click the blue button “Link Twitter account”. You will have to be logged into your Twitter account to accept the connection. That way, we will automatically tweet all your new uploaded content on our accounts and it will also be automatically posted on yours. This means that you will never have to worry about promoting your new content on Twitter and you will make more sales.

What are the benefits of using the affiliate link?

We recommend that you post your affiliate link on your social media and also consider including it in your Twitter bio. That way, for every member that signs up through that link you will get $1 and $5 for every premium member.

What kind of photos and videos can I upload?

Photos: we accept jpeg, gif and png files under 5 MB.

Videos: we accept mpg, avi, mpeg, wmv, 3gp, mp4, mov, asf and flv files under 2 GB.

Will the content I sell be sent automatically or do I have to do it?

Photos and videos will be automatically delivered to the member right after their purchase. That is why you have to upload the content as soon as you add it to your profile. Custom videos will be sent to the member as soon as you upload them for him. If a member requested a physical good such as worn panties, we will provide you with his shipping address.

What cannot be in the content I offer?

Content involving any of the following persons, actions and/or objects is not allowed on PiggyBankGirls:

  • Minors
  • Animals
  • Feces, vomiting
  • Menstruation
  • Illegal drugs
  • Rape or abuse
  • Pain, violence, torture, blood, breath control
  • Illegal or dangerous activities of any kind

Rules for messaging

Generally, we want to maintain a friendly and polite climate on our site. If you like dirty talk, make sure that the users agree to it before you start. Apart from that, the following things are not tolerated on PiggyBankGirls:

  • Illegal behavior in chats;
  • Abusive and racist comments;
  • Spamming;
  • Molesting;
  • Publishing private information of other users or girls;
  • Pretending to be another user or girl;
  • Threats;
  • Blackmailing;
  • Promoting and/or recruiting models for other websites.

If you feel that somebody does not follow these rules while messaging and you feel harassed/insulted/threatened, please contact us at support@piggybankgirls.com and we will take care of the matter right away.

Who can see my profile page, my photos and my videos?

Your profile page is accessible by all users. Users have free access only to covers and preview videos that you have uploaded. Only registered members have access to free content.

What can I offer as free content?

You can offer videos and photo sets. The free content is an excellent way for you to show members what you can offer. You can upload as much free content as you want.​​​​​​

Is my private information shared with the members?

No, it is not. Your ID and other personal details will only be visible for the admins of PiggyBankGirls to verify your age and to pay you out. That information will not be visible for members or any other third parties.

Can I block users from some specific countries or regions to access my profile and content?

No, we do not offer this feature at the moment.

How does PiggyBankGirls protect my content?

PiggyBankGirls puts a watermark on all of your content.

I have technical problems. How do I get help?

If any technical problems are occurring, please contact support@piggybankgirls.com for help. We are always willing to solve any problems you might have, please contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How can I delete my videos/photo sets?

If you want to delete any of your content, please contact support@piggybankgirls.com and we will do it for you.

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