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Who can start a fund on PiggyBankGirls?

As the name says: GIRLS. We love all kinds of girls from all over the world. If you are over 18 (or the legally required age in your country) and you have a wish you want to come true, just go ahead and start your fund on PiggyBankGirls.

What kind of projects can be started on PiggyBankGirls? Are all projects accepted?

Everything that is legal and morally acceptable. It can be the purchase of luxury goods, medicine you need or simply charity fundraising. Projects and relevant rewards have to comply with the law. These are the main criteria. Other than this, projects that are ethically questionable may not be accepted. The same applies for projects or rewards that do not match with what has been advertised. There are quality standards that must be met, so we reserve the right to not accept some projects.

What are rewards? What can be offered as a reward? What amount of money can be asked for a reward?

Rewards are the way the girls return the favour, and they can be videos and photos. The minimum price for a reward is $5 (with taxes) and the maximum is $500.

How can members contribute to a fund? How can they pay for their contribution?

The rewards that the girl offers and the “Donate for this project” option can be seen on her project. Members will be able to choose what content they want to purchase and then click “Add to cart”.

Can somebody support a girl without being a member?

No, it is not possible to support a girl without being a member but registering is completely free. You will only need to sign up with your email address and a user name. After that you will be able to fund any girl, for which you will have to use your credit card information.

What percentage of the funds do the girls earn in a project?

Like every other crowdfunding site, we charge a fee for each fund. This fee is the 20%. The girl gets all the rest (80%).

When do girls get paid?

You will be paid out within 2 weeks time after the end of the project.

What are the transaction fees?

The transaction fees for bank transfer are around $10.00 - $20.00 (depending on your bank), and only $1.00 for Paxum.

How are rewards delivered? Do customers get their rewards just after contributing or at the end of the project?

Photos and videos will be automatically delivered to contributors right after their purchase. That is why the girl has to upload them when creating her project.

If a girl's project is not completed, what happens with the money? Do members get their money back if the project wasn't successful?

The girl will receive the funds anyway, even if her project is not a full success. We do so because the contributors have received their rewards immediately after their contributions, so it is just fair that everybody gets their share.

If somebody just wants to fund a girl without getting anything in return, is that possible?

Sure they can! If they just want to help her and don't want to get anything in return, they can click “Donate for this project”. There, they can type in any amount of money they wish to give her!

If a member did not receive the reward he purchased or if he is not satisfied with it, what can he do?

If you did not receive the content you purchased or if it is not as it had been promised, please write us an email at support@piggybankgirls.com. We are always willing to solve any problems you might have, please contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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