This week we are interviewing Venus HaineX, who took this name after a night club she discovered by chance when she was little, and “that had pink windows and mirrors with lights, and a bunch of pearls everywhere”. Even still unaware of what it was, she told her mom she wanted to live and work there. Later on, she found out what it was and she still liked it “because it looked like a slutty Barbie palace”. Venus, who just turned 27 on Saint Patrick’s…Continue Reading “Interview with Venus HaineX”


This week we are interviewing Charlie Liveshow, from Marseille and born around 1980, a multifaceted woman: “one of those faces is the camgirl one”, but she’s also a radio speaker, a coach actress, a theater actress and other things. Her fans say that she’s a very intelligent camgirl, completely crazy and full of energy, “with one hell of an ass and who makes crazy shows”.  Personally, she describes herself as a life lover, an insatiable foodie who loves beauty and goodness and rock ‘n roll,…Continue Reading “Interview with Charlie Liveshow”


This week we are introducing beautiful 29-year-old Soraya Wells, from Alicante, Spain. She describes herself as loving and kind of a pervert but with a very dominant personality at the same time. The best thing about herself is her humbleness and she hates jealousy. She loves eating and her favorite food is a typical Spanish soup with meatballs. Soraya is a pornstar, she makes X rated movies and sometimes she performs as a camgirl. Depending on the week, she usually works an average of 4…Continue Reading “Interview with Soraya Wells”


This week we are delighted to introduce 28-year-old Ava Moore, a beauty from France who defines herself as “a libertine, very exhibitionist and very naughty”. She’s a camgirl on a famous cam site and she also has her own website. Ava confesses that the best things about herself are her personality and her ass. Her favorite food is cheese (but hush, it’s a secret!), she hates jealousy and she loves sex, “logic!”. Ava says she chose PiggyBankGirls because our platform is user-friendly and highlights the…Continue Reading “Interview with Ava Moore”


This week we are introducing Kandy_wet a 35-year-old beautiful pornstar from Colombia, who describes herself as a simple girl, a good friend and “very horny”. The best thing about herself is her ass, she loves to do oral sex, she hates disorder and her favorite food is Spanish tortilla.   Kandy_wet opened a profile on PiggyBankGirls because she likes our website and she can show the work she doesn’t publish for other producers, and earn a little extra income 😉 Kandy_wet loves sex and she’s…Continue Reading “Interview with Kandy_Wet”


This week we are presenting one of our Valentine’s Day contest winners: beautiful Lady Susurro. She’s a 28-year-old Spanish girl who describes herself as a funny woman who enjoys what she does, her sexuality and the people surrounding her. She’s a part-time camgirl who works about 20 hours weekly. She also likes making videos, that way she can see herself, she confesses. She loves her boobs and her way of having fun and not being prudish. Lady Susurro loves food and her favorite one is…Continue Reading “Interview with Lady Susurro”


This week we are introducing our girl Sexypornycp, whose real name is Key, a 28 year-old kinky mom, half Italian and half South African: what a rich combination! She’s a very extroverted and positive person, curious and open minded, and funny but serious. The best thing about her is her character, her smile and her positivity, she loves food, especially Asian, and she hates racism. Sexypornycp started broadcasting as a camgirl 3 years ago: “At the beginning it was only a few hours a week,…Continue Reading “Interview with Sexypornycp”


This week we are getting to know Kitty LittleCaT better: she’s a 20-year-old beautiful mix of Japanese and Persian blood, who describes herself as a little submissive pet: “BDSM in Asia gets more in pet behavior than slaves so, my Master treats me as his kitty, I am naughty and my Master puts me in cam and makes videos”. She also loves the gym and eating: her favorite food is her Master’s lobster paella! Kitty goes to school and then mostly she “gets naughty on…Continue Reading “Interview with Kitty LittleCaT”


Our Girl of the Week is Fetish Foxy from Porto, in Portugal, who describes herself as “many things, proactive, happy but with a bad temper sometimes”. She confesses her ID says she’s 38 but she feels young at mind. Foxy is very prolific: she has a degree in Forensics, she’s a writer with one book in the libraries and another one being soon released, she’s an actress of BDSM films as a Mistress and she also owns a BDSM toys and furniture brand (bdsmglobal) and…Continue Reading “Interview with Fetish Foxy”


This week we are introducing Lizbeth Teller, a 39-year-old cam model from Michigan who describes herself as “down to earth, funny, real, sexy, sensual, a tease, goddess, femdom and vanilla queen”. The best thing about her are her eyes or hair, “but many would also say my ass”, she adds. Lizbeth loves her family, hates rude people, and her favorite food is: “Shakeology….it’s basically food”. If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be a millionaire! Who…Continue Reading “Interview with Lizbeth Teller”