pbg_contest_xmas_bg Christmas Piggy Princess Contest – And The Winner Is…

Our first Christmas Piggy Princess has arrived to an end! It has been a month full of thrill, excitement and pleasure! We wanted to thank everybody who participated and made this possible: both our very own PiggyBankGirls and our members.

And… we finally know who the winner is!!! Below you have a list of our 10 finalists and their beautiful pictures. Enjoy yourself!

1. VictoriaAloqua

First position: Victoria Alouqua

2. Ava Moore

Second position: Ava Moore

3. Kat Aluna

Third position: Kat Aluna

4. Amy Fantasy

Fourth position: Amy Fantasy

5. Lady Susurro

Fifth position: Lady Susurro

6. lalyhot33

Sixth position: lalyhot33

7. angie0000

Seventh position: angie0000

8. RavenRaith

Eighth position: RavenRaith

9. NelaCam

Ninth position: NelaCam

10. CaraSt Germain

Tenth position: Cara St Germain

Congratulations to all the winners!! J


Santa Claus is coming to… PiggyBankGirls!

It’s this time of the year again when we all get a warm and fuzzy feeling up our spine: love is in the air!! And so is the Christmas spirit!!! On PiggyBankGirls we started our Christmas a few weeks ago, when we launched our December contest that is still on! So, take the last days of the year to make sure you get your favorite girl crowned Christmas Piggy Princess before the end of 2016!

Also, you will be delighted to discover that many of our girls have created special seasonal content only for your eyes! And they sent it from all over the world! Ready to “open” your Christmas presents? Off we go!

Directly from the US, NikkiNevada sent us several videos that are included in her campaign “I need money for Christmas”, because a girl needs some cash to celebrate properly! One of her titles is “Naughty Elf 2016”, where she’s the one elf that will not be on Santa’s nice list this year… But she isn’t worried because he likes her sexy curves and watching her work her dildos! Her second video is called “Black Santa fucks Nikki in the ass” and the third one is “All I want for Christmas is Santa’s Cum”. Go to her campaign now to get them and help her out!


Anna_Kushh wanted to celebrate Christmas with us too, so she made a nice video playing with her candy cane, with lots of spanking because she’s been a very bad girl! In her other two videos she portrays Mrs. Claus riding a dick and giving a blowjob because… isn’t Christmas all about giving?


We are sure you will also enjoy EvilynMichelle’s cute Christmas pictures with her Santa hat. She wishes you a very Happy and Naughty Holidays!


Fortunately, we got greetings from all over the world! From Spain, and dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus, Vicius Girl wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas in her two videos, one of them is free and it’s a preview for the other one. Get it now and you will be spending the Holidays watching her play and use her very own toys. Santa was early this year for her!


We also got a very cute photo set from Spanishstar where she wears her best Christmas red lingerie and high heels for you! Don’t miss that!


Also from Spain, our Nora Barcelona took wonderful photos with her team “Zorrilandia” to wish everybody at PiggyBankGirls a very Happy Holiday! Go check it out!


Soraya Wells Pornstar wants to wish us a sexy and kinky Christmas with these special pictures she took with her submissive. Enjoy Mrs. Claus and her elf!


Watch out for French Victoria Alouqua dressed up as a mischievous Mère Noël (Mother Christmas) to play on her own in the forest


From France as well, Ava Moore jumped into a Mrs. Claus outfit too to offer our members an orgasm and a blowjob. Not to mention her playing with her own candy canes!


Finally, xDanax posted some seasonal erotic pictures in her gallery from the UK. Check them out!


We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas special videos and photos. Our PiggyBankGirls prepared them for you with all their love and affection. Doesn’t such generosity deserve some reciprocity?

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2017 to all of our girls, members and fans! We wish you the best!

Your PiggyBankGirls team


Are You Dreaming Of A Piggy Christmas? – Piggy Princess Of The Month Christmas Contest!!


Who doesn’t love Christmas? You do? We do! And this is why we’re launching a Special Edition of our monthly contest to be a Piggy Princess! Starting on December 1st 2016, all of our girls have the chance to win the best prizes, amounting to a total of $1000. The first prize is $500!!! Yes, you hit the jackpot when you met us!

All registered girls can participate, and all registered members can vote 1 time a day (shared votes on Twitter are worth double!). Members can vote through this link: they just have to look up the name of their girl and click the VOTE button underneath her picture. And we repeat: don’t forget to share your votes on Twitter!


Do you wanna have a special Christmas? By the end of the year you could be crowned Piggy Princess of the month and have $500 in your pocket! The rest of the contest positions will receive the following prizes: 2nd place: $250, 3rd place: $150, 4th place: $50, 5th place: $40, 6th place $30, 7th place: $20, 8th place: $10, 9th place: $10, 10th place: $10. Prizes for places 1 to 5 will be paid via the girls’ account on PiggyBankGirls, and prizes for places 6 to 10 will be paid with an Amazon gift card. Yes, we are feeling the Christmas spirit!


Do you want to win? You can make the most out of our contest if you promote your profile and the link of the contest on social media, and specially Twitter.  Also, and VERY IMPORTANT, if you haven’t done so already, connect your Twitter account to your PiggyBankGirls profile! How to do it? Easy peasy! On your profile, just go to “Settings > Social Media > Blue button: Link my Twitter”. Remember to be logged into your Twitter account. Go full connection mode!

Twitter connection

Oh, and don’t forget to ask your fans to vote for you! Ask Santa if you will! You can keep track of the positions on our site every day, and the winner will be announced on the 31st of December at 12.00 am (Central European Time).

Now, you all can start dreaming of a Piggy Christmas! Get your socks ready because PiggyBankGirls might be sliding down your chimney this December after all! 😉