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This week we are so thrilled to introduce you to MorganLeFay or Morgana Pendragon who, “in this lifetime”, is from England and is currently 40 years. The best thing about her physically are her eyes, hair, legs and feet “although some would argue that my breasts are quite nice too”. Something she loves is sharing happy times with those she loves, but she hates that there are still wars and people suffering in our world. Her favorite food are strawberries. Do you want to know more? Then keep reading and watch her clip! For her interview, she kindly prepared a very original video where she answers to our questions on her chatroom camera!

She describes herself “as an ancient magical sexual soul, living in the modern world, aware of both my own and other people’s desires and innermost needs and wants”. She claims to also be “able to see through people, space and time, to create beauty, where only a barren landscape has previously existed”, and says she walk with one foot on the Earth and the other on Avalon, where she belongs. According to those who know her, she is funny, creative and kind. In her free time, she loves to write —especially songs and poems— to draw, sometimes paint, and to walk barefoot on the sand.  She enjoys the finer things in life, she is very fussy and she has a very expensive taste! However, she admits that she’s just as happy to eat a raw salad as she is to feast on a well prepared banquet. If you wanna know more she wants you to know that you should just come and chat on cam and get to know her better yourself! Are you down?


She claims to be a “Cam Goddess, Priestess Of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress and Seductress” so, not your average Cam Girl or Pornstar. She is not roleplaying or cosplaying but she is genuinely who she says she is: “Some may call me a Cam Model, yes, but I am not just any old model. As you will surely find out”. For sure her confessions will surprise you because she doesn’t consider what she does work: “I live a magical life, on and off cam. I simply use the internet as a way of delivering my magic”. She tends to spend approximately 5-6 hours each day, on weekdays, live on cam, but also offers her services via phone and at a distance: “There are, in addition, always new spells to write, formulas to blend, clips to film and edit, writing to write, people to connect with and dresses to sew. All of which take time”. But she’s never too busy to use her favorite sex toy: her gold magic bullet!

When asked why did she choose to work in the adult industry, she declares that she did not: “I have just always been very sexual in nature, too much so, to class myself as ever belonging to any other. It is the most natural place for me to be”. She finds our question about who’s her hero in this field very curious because although there are many great people out there who do great things: “I am me, Morgana, and one hopes, that you, are you.  If we simply look to follow in the footsteps of others, we may never truly know ourselves”. This is why she encourages everyone to seek out their own path and take inspiration from others but not be in awe of any one individual or seek to completely copy them, either: “Nobody should be placed upon a pedestal. We are all the children of the Goddess”. However, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Angelina Jolie or Anna Bell Peaks 😉


She loves PiggyBankGirls because she believes we are a brilliant platform, offering a unique opportunity for sexy girls to fund their projects, using their creative skills: “Being who I am, and having experienced the conservative policies of many other crowdfunding sites, I have found you to be the ONLY viable choice”. We are so glad to hear this!

She told us that some people find everything she does weird, so watch her video if you wanna find out about those! But MorganLeFay told us about a recent paranormal experience that she had: “A few months ago, I was filming myself performing a full moon sex magic ritual. I had the cam on, as I was getting ready and the ritual went well. As far as I was concerned, at that time, everything was perfectly ‘normal’. However, the next day I decided to go through what I’d shot and edit it”. So suddenly, while editing, she saw something very weird appear and then disappear on her screen. She watched it again, and there it was: “Want to know what I saw?  I actually managed to capture my fairy dragon swooping down!”. She called a few paranormal friends and they all confirmed that it was indeed a ‘weird’ winged creature, the size of a fairy.

As you can see, MorganLeFay is a very unconventional camgirl so she confesses she always has weird, alternate reality and lucid dreams, mainly where she goes back in time, although sometimes forward too. She often dreams she can fly as well. It’s not surprising, then, that her ultimate fantasy is to go back in time to Medieval England, where she would live in a castle and she’d be able to call the sexiest of her knights to come up to her bedchambers to please and pleasure her, whenever she desired. Sounds like so much fun! Along the same lines, in the weirdest dream she has ever had she was a Queen in a Temple, with lots of half-naked people offering themselves to her.


Morgan says she feels very fortunate to live where she lives, by the sea, but if she could she would go on vacation to a tropical island or into space! “The beaches these days are too polluted with people to be able to find peace and quiet”. She adores visiting the stone circles and other sacred Pagan sites: “I find taking the time, each year, to travel to one or more really empowers me and allows me to connect with the raw energies of the land”. Besides, she loves the forests and the beaches and would love to find a deserted beach alongside a dense wooded landscape, where she could call to her dragon to come and sit and chill.

Our girl feels very fortunate because her magic is her life, not work, and it encompasses her hobbies. She enjoys spending time with her pets, friends and family, shopping, reading, walking, fossil hunting, cooking and being creative. Also, she likes a varied selection of music, depending on her mood or the magic she’s performing, but she adores Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, The Mediaeval Baebes, Era, Tattoo, Modern Talking and other 80‘s bands.


She shared a juicy secret with us! When she was still living with her parents, she had told them she was sick, when what she was actually doing was having sex with her first boyfriend: “My mother burst in on me, to see if I was feeling any better and he had to quickly hide under my bed covers. She didn’t see him and still doesn’t know what I was really doing to this day”. Poor mom!

Talking about the past, if she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Believe in yourself, don’t be as trusting with those you don’t know and that you are right about most things, so trust in your intuitive feelings. I would say, spend more time with your grandmother, as she’ll die very young and don’t eat as many sweets as in the future it will mean more trips to the dentist!”. And about the future, she expects to keep doing many things, as she has creative ideas constantly and she struggles to find the time and funds to action them, so provided her fund at PiggyBankGirls generates enough support: “I’d love to create my own sexual, magical, comic book, plus complete an interactive course about sexual sorcery. I’ve also written the first chapter of a book, which I really want to be able to complete and plan and produce my own range of products too, for my store. There’s always something up my sleeve, as I always like to keep busy!”. Finally, she loves her fans because they see her for who she really is, they allow her to explore her sexuality and creativity and encourage her to achieve her full potential. Fascinating interview, Morgana!


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