Interview with GoddessDivina

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This week we are telling you more about GoddessDivina, a 27 year-old Texan who is very outgoing, fun, friendly, open minded, smart, caring and talkative! The best thing about her is that she’s very open minded, non-judgmental, hardworking, honest, funny, and overall amazing: “No, really, I love meeting new people and accepting them for who they are, and in this world we live in that’s priceless”. Some of the things she loves are food, sleep, her family, sex, shoes, shopping and money, and she hates judgmental people, bad hygiene, freeloaders, time-wasters and roaches. Quite the list!


She works an average of 10 hours a day doing fetish goddess, findom and femdom, among others. She chose to work in the adult industry because it’s fun, lucrative, and it’s never boring: “I’ve always been interested in the adult industry, I guess since I watched my first fetish porn movie and ever since I worked at an adult video store”. GoddessDivina started as a camgirl but she has always done fetish shows, pics, and videos and she enjoys doing those the most.  She claims that all girls are her heroes in this industry because “they are all amazing in their own way.  It wouldn’t be fair to just choose one”.


GoddessDivina signed up with PiggyBankGirls because she heard really good reviews about us and because “I love pigs :) the animal and the human kind”. She believes it’s an easy site to navigate and to upload content to, and to advertise on social networking sites.  When we ask her what is the weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera she responds: “Wow! Too many to choose from, I guess anything public. Also, watching slaves on cam doing crazy things to amuse me”. Her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi wand!

As a good findom, GoddessDivina’s ultimate fantasy would include a vacation in Brazil eating her favorite food, getting her feet massaged, and being able to sit back and count her money”. Ha! The nicest place she has ever been is Hawaii, and she would go again if she could. She would also like to travel to Japan, Italy, Puerto Rico, Australia, Peru and Greece.


In her spare time, GoddessDivina loves to hang out with her family and to relax. She loves 80’s music mainly but she also likes rock, Latin music, reggae, jazz, classic and even some country! When asked to share a secret with us she confessed she is in love with reptiles! Some of her favorite foods are seafood, Chinese, Latin and Italian. The weirdest dream she ever had was terrible because in it she died in a bus accident: “it felt so real and it was scary and eerie”.

If GoddessDivina could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Don’t worry so much and do better in school and face your fears”. This is why in the future she expects to accomplish many things, “as I evolve into my own person, and mature and grow as a woman”. Her plans include going back to college and finishing her Dental Hygiene Degree.  In 5 years she sees herself wherever life takes her: “I hope I am happy, healthy and so is my family.  The rest will take care of itself”. And last but not least, she adores her fans because they love her just the way she is: “they spoil me and they spoil me for just being me”. Keep going, GoddessDivina!


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