Interview with Anna_Kushh

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This week we want you to meet 27 year-old Anna_Kushh, whose real name is Anna, “from the naughty kushland :)”. She describes herself as a definitely open-minded girl who likes to have fun: “I’m shy at first but get to know me and let’s get naughty”. The best thing about her are her eyes and ass, she loves kush and chocolate and she hates world hate and world hunger. Probably the reason why, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world, it would be the President: “The world needs to be a better place. We need to start changing as a whole. Only takes a little effort to make a difference”.

Anna_Kushh is a camgirl and she has been on and off camming for 3 years now. She really likes her job because she loves making people happy: “I’m always available to play. I mainly get online though at night but plan on signing on in the am and pm. I’m on Eastern time”. She is currently taking care of her elderly grandmother so she stays at home a lot. With this industry she gets to set her own hours to accommodate to her schedule: “I used to work at an adult bookstore where I got all my outfits and toys from, one of the models told me about camming : ) I also rescue homeless and abused animals so I have to stay at home to take care of them”. The first time she did a private show she was very shy because she had never masturbated in front of anybody before: “After I got comfortable it was amazing. He opened my mind and helped me explore my body to where I can cum hands free!”.


She made an account with PiggyBankGirls because she was looking for a great opportunity to meet different people and even make new videos at request. She’s new to the site and she really likes the previews and the variety of options that we offer. We are so glad to have her with us!

The weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera was in one of her first couple shows, where she had to play with food: “I was asked to stick a stick of butter in my pussy then let it melt. It was a messy good time”. And her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi!

The nicest place she has ever been to is Travis City, Michigan, but her dream vacation would be going to Hawaii because of its “ultimately outstanding beauty everywhere” and because she loves that “the atmosphere with the people on the island is more relaxing than busy city life”. In the weirdest dream Anna has ever had she was a giant, and then a midget!


Anna_Kushh likes to have fun and be outside, and she spends most of her free time with her 12 rescued animals and her grandmother whom she takes care of and lives with. She grew up with her grandparents so she likes all genres of music. Her hero is Marilyn Monroe because she was beautiful inside and out. In her opinion, she showed girls of all sizes they can be attractive and confident.

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Start camming sooner lol”. This is probably why, in the future, she wants her name to be known and she plans on making changes to her cam shows, adding games and new outfits and topics: “I’m trying to get a bigger house so I can have more room and privacy to play. I have a stripper pole just waiting to be put up but need bigger space”.

She’s an open book and shares everything with her fans, for whom she has a message: “I love all my fans! Without my fans this means nothing: You guys make it possible. Thanks for everyone who promotes and spoils me on and off cam! Xoxox”. Go, Anna_Kushh!

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