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On the first week of the new year we are getting to know 19 year-old Evilynmichelle a little better. She’s from the United States of America and she’s friendly, talkative, and bubbly: “Always a smile on my face, while also carrying an air of mystery and wonder”. The best thing about her, in her own words, is “Everything. I’m freaking great”. She loves her family, her pets, nature, and her stuff, but she hates “rude ass people”. Her favorite food is anything her older sister makes: “no joke!”.

Evilynmichelle is a cam girl who used to work around six hours a day when she first started, usually on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Nowadays, she is able to cam two hours in the day and two hours at night: “Following me on Twitter would be the best way to find out the times I am on. I also have a snapchat and skype for purchase that I connect with others quite frequently”. If you’re a fan of Evilynmichelle’s don’t miss your chance and follow her!


She had several reasons for starting in the industry, but the main one was to help people: “After my ex-boyfriend of two years left me, I felt so empty and useless. I have always been into modeling and even knew a few models who were cam girls also”. Then she saw a video on buzz feed about this famous cam girl who explained how the industry wasn’t easy and how hard it was, as well as how it was hard to love herself and her body: “I just saw how well respected she was and that just got me in”, Evilynmichelle explains. She learned that being a cam girl is not all about sex: “There are men who just want to talk and have some fun. There are men who are lonely and just need someone. I love helping people and working at home. I just saw a brighter future being a cam girl. I knew it was right. I had a gut feeling, always follow that”. She has been camming for a year now, she did a live solo sex show and the “rest is history”, she finishes.


Fortunately for us, she opened a profile on our site! “PiggyBankGirls started following my Twitter page. I followed them back and they messaged me. PiggyBankGirls told me who they are and what they do. I went on their page and read what they do for the men and models. I thought it was great and I signed up. My main reason for joining is how fucking helpful PiggyBankGirls are. When I need help they message me ASAP! Other cam sites are not helpful to me nor my customers. Other sites do not care for their models. PiggyBankGirls are so nice and helpful. They make my job less stressful. I love that I can sell goods. That is my favorite”.


The weirdest thing she has ever done in front of a camera was one time when she was doing a private show: “The guy wanted me to bend over and then turn around to blow smoke. I was bending over shaking my booty when I lit my cig and BOOM, my hair was on fire! I patted my head for the fire to burn out. I was laughing hoping the guy didn’t see”. Luckily her hair wasn’t damaged either. Her favorite sex toy is a little dildo (“It’s super fun!”) and her ultimate fantasy is just “Wonderland”. Mysterious, huh?


If Evilynmichelle could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be her great grandmother: “I would want to ask her all about her life. I want to know her stories now that I am older. I want to hug her and just hang out like the good old days”. No wonder her family are her heroes! She looks up to them the most, so if she could go to one place in the world it would be camping with them: “Somewhere nice and one with nature”. The nicest place she has ever been was on top of a little mountain watching the sunset on the city.


Work is Evilynmichelle’s favorite hobby and she believes “as a Virgo it is in my blood”. She loves hiking, camping, the gym, writing, dancing, doodles, doing her hair and make-up, etc. Indeed, she has a lot of hobbies and she loves trying new things. She claims all her dreams are weird: “I never have a “normal” one”. And she doesn’t really keep any secrets: “I am an open book. I talk a lot… so good luck trying to remember half of what was coming out of my mouth”. Ha!

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger version of herself it would be “Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop hating your body and your beauty. Everyone loves you just the way you are!”. Very true! It’s great to find out that she has a “whole lot of stuff” in mind for her future: “I am going to get my GED so I can go to college. I am going to tell my family I am a cam girl, and be camming more. I see happiness and so many things coming, I cannot wait!”


Last but not least, she loves her fans because they respect her and she respects them: “They do not judge that I am a cam girl. They never judge me. They always support me no matter what. When I am down they know how to bring me back up. I just see so many people who actually care for me. I care for all my fans. Without them I would not be me. I can be myself and that just means so much”. Keep up the good work, Evilynmichelle!


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