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Santa Claus is coming to… PiggyBankGirls!

It’s this time of the year again when we all get a warm and fuzzy feeling up our spine: love is in the air!! And so is the Christmas spirit!!! On PiggyBankGirls we started our Christmas a few weeks ago, when we launched our December contest that is still on! So, take the last days of the year to make sure you get your favorite girl crowned Christmas Piggy Princess before the end of 2016!

Also, you will be delighted to discover that many of our girls have created special seasonal content only for your eyes! And they sent it from all over the world! Ready to “open” your Christmas presents? Off we go!

Directly from the US, NikkiNevada sent us several videos that are included in her campaign “I need money for Christmas”, because a girl needs some cash to celebrate properly! One of her titles is “Naughty Elf 2016”, where she’s the one elf that will not be on Santa’s nice list this year… But she isn’t worried because he likes her sexy curves and watching her work her dildos! Her second video is called “Black Santa fucks Nikki in the ass” and the third one is “All I want for Christmas is Santa’s Cum”. Go to her campaign now to get them and help her out!


Anna_Kushh wanted to celebrate Christmas with us too, so she made a nice video playing with her candy cane, with lots of spanking because she’s been a very bad girl! In her other two videos she portrays Mrs. Claus riding a dick and giving a blowjob because… isn’t Christmas all about giving?


We are sure you will also enjoy EvilynMichelle’s cute Christmas pictures with her Santa hat. She wishes you a very Happy and Naughty Holidays!


Fortunately, we got greetings from all over the world! From Spain, and dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus, Vicius Girl wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas in her two videos, one of them is free and it’s a preview for the other one. Get it now and you will be spending the Holidays watching her play and use her very own toys. Santa was early this year for her!


We also got a very cute photo set from Spanishstar where she wears her best Christmas red lingerie and high heels for you! Don’t miss that!


Also from Spain, our Nora Barcelona took wonderful photos with her team “Zorrilandia” to wish everybody at PiggyBankGirls a very Happy Holiday! Go check it out!


Soraya Wells Pornstar wants to wish us a sexy and kinky Christmas with these special pictures she took with her submissive. Enjoy Mrs. Claus and her elf!


Watch out for French Victoria Alouqua dressed up as a mischievous Mère Noël (Mother Christmas) to play on her own in the forest


From France as well, Ava Moore jumped into a Mrs. Claus outfit too to offer our members an orgasm and a blowjob. Not to mention her playing with her own candy canes!


Finally, xDanax posted some seasonal erotic pictures in her gallery from the UK. Check them out!


We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas special videos and photos. Our PiggyBankGirls prepared them for you with all their love and affection. Doesn’t such generosity deserve some reciprocity?

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2017 to all of our girls, members and fans! We wish you the best!

Your PiggyBankGirls team


Are You Dreaming Of A Piggy Christmas? – Piggy Princess Of The Month Christmas Contest!!


Who doesn’t love Christmas? You do? We do! And this is why we’re launching a Special Edition of our monthly contest to be a Piggy Princess! Starting on December 1st 2016, all of our girls have the chance to win the best prizes, amounting to a total of $1000. The first prize is $500!!! Yes, you hit the jackpot when you met us!

All registered girls can participate, and all registered members can vote 1 time a day (shared votes on Twitter are worth double!). Members can vote through this link: they just have to look up the name of their girl and click the VOTE button underneath her picture. And we repeat: don’t forget to share your votes on Twitter!


Do you wanna have a special Christmas? By the end of the year you could be crowned Piggy Princess of the month and have $500 in your pocket! The rest of the contest positions will receive the following prizes: 2nd place: $250, 3rd place: $150, 4th place: $50, 5th place: $40, 6th place $30, 7th place: $20, 8th place: $10, 9th place: $10, 10th place: $10. Prizes for places 1 to 5 will be paid via the girls’ account on PiggyBankGirls, and prizes for places 6 to 10 will be paid with an Amazon gift card. Yes, we are feeling the Christmas spirit!


Do you want to win? You can make the most out of our contest if you promote your profile and the link of the contest on social media, and specially Twitter.  Also, and VERY IMPORTANT, if you haven’t done so already, connect your Twitter account to your PiggyBankGirls profile! How to do it? Easy peasy! On your profile, just go to “Settings > Social Media > Blue button: Link my Twitter”. Remember to be logged into your Twitter account. Go full connection mode!

Twitter connection

Oh, and don’t forget to ask your fans to vote for you! Ask Santa if you will! You can keep track of the positions on our site every day, and the winner will be announced on the 31st of December at 12.00 am (Central European Time).

Now, you all can start dreaming of a Piggy Christmas! Get your socks ready because PiggyBankGirls might be sliding down your chimney this December after all! 😉


Have You Met The Ortega Sisters Yet? They Are The Bomb!


A few weeks ago we had a significant addition to our website: The amazing Ortega Sisters! So, from now on you will have one more good reason to visit PiggyBankGirls on a daily basis. These two Venezuelan twin sisters are gorgeous, very sexy and hot blooded and will make all your dreams come true. Check out their stunning pictures on our site, and enjoy their exclusive videos!

Sheila and Kesha Ortega are real sisters and they like to share everything, and we mean everything! They have performed with artists like Nacho Vidal or Rob Diesel and they’re specially famous for their threesomes. These two lovely ladies are open, cheerful and talkative so don’t miss the chance to see them in action and don’t wait to message them!

They already have three videos on our website, made specially for the enjoyment of the PiggyBankGirls community! As the title reveals, the video “Twin Sisters Horny On The Hotel Terrace” features both girls in yoga pants, starting their sexual games in the terrace of the hotel they were staying in, and then moving it to their shared bedroom. You won’t want to miss these sexy scenes where both of them get naked and start touching each other. Oh, and you will meet their best friend, Mr. Rabbit, their favorite purple dildo! 😉


In their second video, “Horny Twin Sisters Doing It Together”, the incredible Ortegas start out in a similar fashion but they end up way more hardcore! As they are hanging out near the swimming pool in their PiggyBankGirls underwear they go from frisky to super horny: they can’t even keep their hands off each other in the elevator! And when they make it to their room… well you will have to see for yourself. We will only tell you it involves a table, whipping cream and Mr. Rabbit! And of course their twin boobs, pussies and butts… Each one of these videos offers you more than 17 minutes of twin curves and pleasure for the best value for money! Oh, and a double jerkoff…


But occasionally, the Ortegas have to spend some time away from each other and they have a really hard time with it. This is why Sheila made another exclusive solo video for us where she plays with her toys and with herself in the morning, anxiously waiting the return of her sister “to give each other lots of loving”. Oh, and she offers you a nice preview of everything you can find within this video in her free photo set! Aren’t these sisters so generous? Don’t waste one more second of your time and visit their profile on PiggyBankGirls! You won’t ever regret meeting Kesha and Sheila! Come on and put an Ortega in your life, or even better… put two for the price of one!


First PiggyBankGirls Contest: Be our Piggy Princess of the month!!


Did you know PiggyBankGirls is launching a November contest to celebrate our lovely girls? There will be one contest every month after this first one! If you’re one of our PiggyBankGirls you get a unique chance to become the very first Piggy Princess of the month and win $500. Now, who wants the crown? 😉

Who can participate?

All of our PiggyBankGirls! If you have an approved profile on our website, you’re eligible.

Who can vote?

Only all registered members are allowed to vote. They can do it 3 times a day, either for the same girl or for different ones. Share your votes on Twitter and they will be worth double. Come on guys, get on it!

How do members vote?

It’s really simple: just click the VOTE button underneath your girl and share your vote on Twitter.

What are the prizes?

The first prize is $500 and the honorific title of Piggy Princess of the month. The rest of the contest positions will receive the following prizes: 2nd place: $250, 3rd place: $150, 4th place: $50, 5th place: $40, 6th place $30, 7th place: $20, 8th place: $10, 9th place: $10, 10th place: $10. Yes, we are feeling generous!

Are the prizes paid in cash?

Prizes for places 1 to 5 will be paid via the girls’ account on PiggyBankGirls, and prizes for places 6 to 10 will be paid with an Amazon gift card. You get your money no matter what!

What can I do to win?

As with all contests, there is no magic formula and we do believe every single one of you deserves the crown, but there are some things you can do to increase your opportunities, like sharing our contest link on Twitter and asking your fans to vote for you. Also, and VERY IMPORTANT, connect your Twitter account to your PiggyBankGirls profile! How to do it? Piece of cake! On your profile, just go to “Settings > Social Media > Blue button: Link my Twitter”. Remember to be logged into your Twitter account to accept the connection. Promote yourself, girl!

Are there any rules?

Just be your fantastic and beautiful self and please… don’t cheat!!! We wouldn’t want to disqualify you from the contest because we found out you weren’t fair game.

How and when will I know if I won?

You can keep track of the positions on our site every day, and the winner will be announced on the 30th of November at 12.00 am (Central European Time).

Now, are you all excited about our contest? We hope you are! Who will win the race? Exhilarating, huh! If you’re one of our girls, don’t miss this chance to participate and if you’re one of our members make yourself heard and follow up your favorite girl to help her win. We are sure she will be very grateful afterwards… A fap for a seed!


It seems like a good deal, doesn’t it? Wanking and planting . But what is It is a non-profit organization created last August 2016 by two French students —Fabien Sabatié and Antoine Fromaget— whose main goal is to plant trees where they are necessary. They want you to know that “the more you fap, the more we’ll plant trees!” and they have a transparent policy when it comes to their revenues. Everyone is free to join and to get a closer look at their finances in the Official Journal.

Trees and tits? You are probably wondering why this peculiar relationship. Fabien claims he came up with the idea after smoking a joint! They realized how popular porn is in the cyber world and they decided it was imperative to make something out of it in the real one, to help Mother Earth. So there they went, trying to “plant” not only trees but also tits where they were needed :) A lovely act of pure charity. Because at the end of the day it’s all about planting seeds anywhere and in any possible way, isn’t it?

But actually, the concept of charity porn is not new: from PiggyBankGirls we already started the first erotic crowdfunding. Girls all over the world could fund their projects for any cause they deemed relevant. That is how our site was born. In a similar fashion, Charitits begun as a way of giving an environmental friendly use to the industry of porn, which moves the majority of the internet traffic but which also has traditionally been heavily stigmatized. However, we believe porn can actually be one of the healthiest activities if it’s fair to everybody involved. We have no doubt that more people like our Charitits guys are needed to turn around the defamed commerce of porn. And here’s how Charitits and PiggyBankGirls became partners.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 15.03.11

We do have a lot in common! For example, other ideas that Charitits and PiggyBankGirls share are based on the concepts of bio porn and fair trade porn. Essentially and guided by these philosophies PiggyBankGirls operates true to the following rules: the girls can sell the content of their own choice, they get a fair share of the money and they can work in just and legal conditions. Also, we believe that fair trade porn enhances the promotion of gender equality and functions against all kinds of sexual slavery, violence, abuse, child pornography and animal cruelty.

After they came up with the idea for the organization, Fabien created the website for Charitits, which is basically a porn Google. For every 1000 visitors, Charitits will be able to reverse 2$ and once they have that money, they will donate it to “The Nature Conservancy”, the organization that plants the trees in Brazil.

Something else to keep in mind is that every time you use their site you’re also helping them generate revenues that are entirely donated to Ecosia, the charitable search engine that also grows trees. If you want to know more, you can find Charitits on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, the next time you feel like watching some nice porn and maybe jerking off for some relax, think of and make a difference: a few of your faps can equal a few more trees in the world. Worth a visit!

What is it?! – Squirting? Female Ejaculation? #NotPee?


As of today, the controversy surrounding squirting is not only unresolved but also still very alive. You might like to know that, not so long ago (around January of 2015) there was a Twitter revolution with the hashtag #NotPee that raised polemic points of view. This cyber revolt was a response to a study conducted by French scientists claiming that women who ejaculated were actually releasing pee. You can read more about this here but rest assured that other studies, however, observed that the liquid emitted during the so called female ejaculation was something other than urine.

While many women swear that female ejaculation is not a myth, and that it’s real and it’s manifested through the expulsion of a fluid that is not pee (hence the hashtag), many scientists still conclude that it is. We warned you: the field is still in the middle of being explored, so we are probably not going to solve all of your doubts here, but we do intend to raise some questions for you to think about: Is the endorsement of urine (just pee!) only a patriarchal strategy focused on denying sexual power to women? Some feminists claim so. Others, though, think that affirming the existence of female ejaculation is still a way of perpetuating male fantasies of a female orgasm similar to the masculine one… Is it just an inconclusive scientific study? Is it really such a complicated matter? Why isn’t anybody researching it further? The study claiming that it was pee was based on only seven women, and the other one on just two! Apparently, carrying out such studies and experiments is not that easy. Ok, we’ll take it.

Anyways, we can agree that the women involved in the #NotPee campaign were reclaiming their right to feel something that breaks the cannons of female sexuality. We cannot forget that, in the 19th century, Krafft-Ebing’s study of sexual perversion, Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) classified female ejaculation as a perversion or inversion related to neurasthenia and homosexuality. It was the first study that intended to classify human sexual behavior from a psychological point of view, so it is to be taken with a grain of salt, because the book describes sexual tendencies that are currently considered “normal” (and who dares to define what’s normal?!) as deviations. But, hey, our beloved Freud believed something similar. It is not surprising if we keep in mind that women who had and manifested sexual desire were considered hysterical, and often locked up in mad houses. Can you believe it?

Moreover, part of the controversy surrounding squirting lies in the existence or not of the G-spot and the Skene’s glands, supposedly a kind of para-urethral tissue and apparently the source of the fluid. We don’t intend to get too scientific here but another related debate regards the topic of whether squirting and female ejaculation are the same thing or not. Some say that they’re different things (differently fluids in nature as well) and this seems to be one of the causes for the general confusion about this phenomenon. Oh, well.

We can guarantee that at PiggyBankGirls we have tried to follow all of the scientific studies in order to give you an accurate panorama of the issue. However, the whole world remains in confusion. In the meantime, why don’t you see for yourself watching these women squirt? If it won’t make your doubts disappear, at least you will have a good time, and maybe you can ask them yourself when you watch their videos: always good to have an ice breaker!

Nora Barcelona squirts at the pool: you can tell she likes water! Elay Smith also likes to be soaked in H2O and she can show you in the shower, while YaoriAsian gets some help from her vibrator.

We hope you enjoyed these brief notes about squirting and, even more so, our girls’ videos!

Different Kinds of Love: Polyamory


“We live in crazy times” is probably a phrase your eldest have said a lot, specially in regards to the way sex is experienced in our current society. The older generations tend to criticize sexual freedom and stand in favor of more demure love behaviors. Sexual liberties are seen as a reflection of degraded and decadent societies, related to sin and harshly judged. Different kinds of love are often stigmatized and misunderstood even when people know somebody who practices them. This is frequently the case of polyamory relationships. But very few know how the world of polyamory actually works. Open-mindedness is the key to understanding this amorous practice. So, start banishing words like “slut”, “sex-addict”, “exhausting” or “unsatisfied” from your vocabulary when it comes to polyamory. It doesn’t work that way.

Often confused wth polisexuality, polyamory could be defined as chosen or consensual non-monogamy. For many, being able to have sex with more than one person in mutual agreement could be the dream. But it is much more than that, because it is not only sex-based. Polyamory people ususally have more than one relationship. And that doesn’t mean one-night stands. Why is it such a hard concept to understand even in today’s supposedly open-minded society? The idea that two consenting adults might go to bed and share other relationshippy activities with more than one person might sound crazy to many. “How stressful is it to keep a relationship with just one person!”, some might say. Or “I can’t even handle my own girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband”. Let alone jealousy. But this is precisely one of the premises of polyamory, or one of the reasons why they claim such a lifestyle works for them: you don’t have to worry about your partner being loyal because they are not cheating on you. You know who they’re sleeping with. And sometimes, you are sleeping with them too. If there is something that characterizes polyamorous relationships is openness to negotiating the terms of the arrangements: there can be as many types of polyamory relationships as people participating in them. The key is just overcoming jealousy, possessiveness and restrictive cultural standards.

We are sure many questions are raised when talking about polyamory. It seems scandalous to talk about threesomes other than at a porn movie; ok, sex is one thing but, a formal relationship? But the truth is many people live this lifestyle in a very natural and healthy way. A good example of a working threesome is the movie Savages (2012) with celebrity Blake Lively and male counterparts Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. All right, this movie is extremely dramatic but, hey, not because of the threesome but because they all get involved with a Mexican drug cartel! Needless to say, outside of crime thrillers or dramas, polyamory relationships can work just the same as mainstream relationships.

Some polyamory people are in relationships of three or more, sometimes one partner sleeps and maintains a relationship with the same partners as the other one/s. Sometimes not. Some of them have quad relationships, this is, groups formed by two couples that are lovers (this is usually one of the hardest to carry and it is not to be confused with swingers: entirely something else). Others even start Google calendars in order to organize their encounters and their time together. Often times, there is a main relationship or primary and others stem from it or are developed after that one. As you can see, polyamory not only stands for “many loves” (from Greek poly and Latin amor) but also for many ways of structuring them.

If you are already appealed by this lifestyle and/or you are considering it, you’re polycurious (ok, maybe just curious?) and you might be wondering: what does polyamory offer to its participants?

It offers values such as fidelity and loyalty, not only sexual but also sentimental. In fact in polyamory, infidelity can be considered as much of a problem or a no-no as it is in monogamous relationships, because having any kind of relationship other than the ones agreed upon is also a violation of the terms. The difference lies in the importance of the values polyamory people give to relationships, more often based on trust and honesty than in sexual exclusivity. Dignity, respect, boundaries and agreements are also very frequent words in their vocabulary. An advantage to this type of relationships is that, instead of lying and cheating by sleeping with other partners, they negotiate their “ground rules” and base their relationship on communication and true faithfulness.

Other advantages that polyamory offers are gender equality (the same standards apply for men and women within a polyamory relationships) and non-possessiveness. It doesn’t mean that the feelings of jealousy are never there for them, but that they are to be explored and understood as such. Hence, the focus on patience, empathy and compersion (feeling of happiness experienced when another one is happy with a relationship within the polyamory circle). The idea is to banish the restrictive concepts of ownership, patriarchy and control in relationships. In fact, when a polyamory relationship ends or when a couple divorces it is not seen as a failure but as an enriching experience that had an expiration date. Like all relationships.

If you are further interested in the polyamory world, here are a few books that might make for a useful reading: More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory (2014), Franklin Veaux, The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures (2009), Dossie Easton or The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families (2015), Sheff.

Because, don’t we live in crazy awesome and diverse times?

The Million Dollar Question: “Why pay for porn?”


When talking about websites like PiggyBankGirls a main question arises: Why pay for porn? Indeed, your Million Dollar Question.

If these days anybody can easily access everything on the Internet, including porn, it seems like a dumb question, right? Many people will tell you that paying for porn is stupid. One can also listen to music online without fees, and download all kinds of movies, shows, books, etc. Why then should we pay for such products? Isn’t the Internet supposed to be a space where finally everybody has a chance to experience culture and knowledge firsthand? We won’t try to convince you of the opposite if you don’t want to be talked into it, but think about this:

Is it dumb to purchase antique vinyl records to listen to at home? Is it stupid to buy books with nice covers from your favorite authors? Is it nonsensical to own Blue-Ray DVD’s to watch at home on your Dolby Surround equipment? Oh, but those are collection objects, you might say. For that matter, does it still make sense to go to the movies, or to the theatre? Oh, but those are live or public shows!

Are we still talking about the material or experimental value of these things, or are we referring to the intellectual and artistic work behind them? Why pay for porn products? Can cyber porn still be considered a commodity? Are we stupid if we pay for porn or music or movies or intellectual property? You may say yes. Again, you may not have considered the gianourmous amount of effort that it takes to produce any form of art, including porn.

Today, in the height of the era of mass media reproduction porn has become not only a product, but a seemingly worthless one. Even more so than other types of artistic work. It is in fact not considered art by many people anymore (or it never was!). Remember decades ago, when it was exciting to own porn videos and pictures? Yes, before smart phones and laptops took over. And let’s not forget about the importance of erotic magazines. The thrill they entangled for younger explorers of sex, for discovering teenagers that barely could lay their hands on them, and that had to come up with tricky strategies to get their own way. All kinds of postcards, calendars, VHS tapes, magazines, posters and erotic games existed and used to conform a market that had value.

Are objects really losing presence and importance due to virtual realities? It seems like porn has lost its “aura”, it has stopped being artistic and unique and, instead, it is now infinitely reproduced losing its meaning, and losing the people in it. On top of this, most porn these days relies heavily on stereotypes of masculinities and femininities that are constructed by mainstream adult entertainment producers. This is why it is important to promote independently produced porn, because it usually offers better conditions for performers.

Do you prefer impersonal porn full of repetitive tags and clichés where the actors perform the same acts all over again without any variation? Or are you looking for amateur porn where you get to know the people behind it? At PiggyBankGirls we stand up for this last kind. We stand by personalized pornography and we offer you complete profiles of our girls. After all, these girls are people like me and you, or you girl next door. They just happen to sell their image for a living, the same way you sell your personal set of skills, be it writing, programming, building, cleaning, selling or speaking languages.

What? Not convinced yet? If slogans like “Cheap Prices, Amateur Girls, Lots of Exclusive Content” won’t persuade you to pay for your porn, then think about ethics. We should all be aware of broadly spread social situations like sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation or human trafficking. These are all problems related to an unhealthy and irresponsible way of sex consumption within our society. From PiggyBankGirls we believe in the dignity of pornographic products and we aim for better working conditions for performers, actors, actresses and alike.

When any act hurts or degrades somebody else, the humanity still left in us should call out on it. When we hear the stories about sexual slavery, do we think they don’t permeate many of the pornographic products we consume every day? And this is why paying for porn is not a dumb choice. Paying a just amount of money for a product that we consume like we do with coffee, sugar, shoes or clothes is just a matter of fairness and common sense. Paying a reasonable price enhances the value of porn. It makes people more conscious of what is behind pornography: real people and amazing art.

Usa la música como aliada sexual


La música es capaz de afectar nuestro estado de ánimo, entonces ¿por qué no usarla para acompañar nuestros momentos más placenteros? Un tema nos puede llevar al desenfreno, así como a tener un encuentro lento y más pausado. Que la música influye a la hora de tener sexo, es un hecho, si aún no la has probado deberías (aún más) leer este artículo.

Estas conclusiones no nos las hemos sacado de la manga, hay expertos que avalan nuestras afirmaciones. Concretamente el psicólogo musical Daniel Mullensuefen de la Universidad de Londres, quien confirma la estrecha relación que existe entre el sexo y la música. Para demostrarlo, ha realizado un estudio llamado “Science Behind The Song” (es decir, “La ciencia tras la música”) donde puso a prueba sus ideas con 2000 personas de entre 18 y 91 años (un margen de edad bastante amplio como para que no te sientas identificado con el artículo).  ¿En qué consistía el experimento? Ni más ni menos que en ponerle una de las bandas sonoras más conocidas del cine: “Dirty Dancing”. El 40% de los participantes llegaron a la conclusión de que el tema les estimulaba de forma positiva mientras practicaban sexo.

Pero nuestras afirmaciones no solo se basan en la mera intuición, sino que también cuentan con explicaciones científicas. Cuando escuchamos unas canciones determinadas, se activan las mismas zonas de nuestro cerebro que cuando sentimos el placer provocado por el sexo o nuestra comida favorita.

A este reconocimiento de la música como banda sonora de nuestras relaciones, se une la mundialmente conocida plataforma Spotify, asegurando que una de las canciones que más nos incita al sexo es “Sexual Healing” de Marvin Gaye. Y no es el único tema de los 80 que nos provoca una subida de libido, “Bohemian Rhapsody” de la conocida banda Queen, “Angel” de Robbie Williams o “Sex on fire” de King of Lion.

Pero, como en todo, cada persona es un mundo y no a todos nos provocan los mismos estilos musicales o canciones. El reggaeton, por ejemplo, es un género que directamente por sus ritmos y letras incita al toqueteo y roce tanto en las pistas de baile como del que quiera seguir la fiesta en la cama.

Así que ya sabes, prepara los altavoces, tu lista de reproducción y ¡haz vibrar los tabiques de tu habitación al ritmo de los muelles!

De fetichismos va la cosa

Además de por el sushi, Japón es conocido por los múltiples fetichismos que inundan sus calles. A pesar de ser una de las comunidades con la tasa de natalidad más baja, una sexualidad acelerada corre por sus venas. Tanto es así, que podríamos definir la isla como un pequeño paraíso de las fantasías sexuales. Sean cuales sean tus deseos más secretos, vete a Japón, déjate llevar por tus instintos y tacha algo más de tus propósitos sexuales para el nuevo año.

Antes de que hagas la maleta, déjanos mostrarte unas pinceladas de lo que podrás encontrar una vez estés en el continente asiático

Lo nuevo en el país del sol naciente puede darnos una idea de como cualquier fetichismo puede hacerse realidad solo con pagar una cierta cantidad de dinero. En este caso, por un precio que oscila los 100 y 250€ podemos, literalmente, comer culos. Si hundir tu cara en unas nalgas femeninas, sea cual sea su tamaño y condición, siempre ha sido tu debilidad, ya tienes la posibilidad de disfrutarlo sin tapujos, eso sí, en la otra punta del globo terráqueo, aquí tendremos que esperar hasta el próximo año bisiesto para disfrutarlo.

comer culos

Pero este lugar insólito, lo es aún más si observamos con detalle su dinámica. Los culos salen ni más ni menos que de una especie de lavadora sin tapa, donde en la parte superior podemos informarnos sobre quién hay detrás del “manjar”. Un dato necesario a la par de curioso, teniendo en cuenta que los que frecuentan el local tienen los ojos tapados con antifaces.

Además de las ya conocidas Geishas, Japón esconde muchos más secretos que sacarán a relucir los deseos íntimos de más de uno. Por ejemplo, en el menú nipón tenemos como entrante los clubes de imagen o Imekuras, lo que vienen siendo lugares para dar rienda suelta a nuestra imaginación relacionada con el fetichismo de las profesiones. Los clásicos traspasan fronteras, siendo los más solicitados por los clientes los uniformes de policía, enfermera y azafata. Pero, si tu devoción son las criadas, te recomendamos como primer plato visitar los Maid Cafés, donde las camareras van vestidas como tal y te tratarán como si fueses su querido amo.

fetichismo japon

Pero la cosa no se queda aquí, si aún nos queda cuerpo para los platos fuertes, podemos continuar nuestra ruta del placer por los conocidos como Salones Rosas. Se trata de lugares especializados en el sexo oral, es decir, en vez de la típica tapa, las cameras hacen uso de la sin hueso con tu consumición . Pero en este caso, no vale hacerse el listo y pasar toda la tarde con un refresco, los bonos tienen una duración aproximada de 10-15 minutos.

Si tus fetichismos no aparecen aquí, que no cunda el pánico. Nos estamos dejando muchos en el tintero, como los trajes de boda, los vagones de metro, o el cosplay, para que los descubráis por vosotros mismos (seguro que no eres el único que ya está planeando sus vacaciones al continente asiático).