Who said you’re not a feminist if you take off your clothes? A lot of people out there are still judging women for showing their boobs. Most recently Emma Watson has been criticized for this reason. Why don’t we stop censoring and condemning women and their bodies? Tolerance must come from within! Maybe we could understand female empowerment better if we knew some examples of women who had an important role in the development of female sexual freedom. The history of women is plagued with…Continue Reading “International Women’s Day: 5 strippers who changed the adult industry”


It’s this time of the year again when we all get a warm and fuzzy feeling up our spine: love is in the air!! And so is the Christmas spirit!!! On PiggyBankGirls we started our Christmas a few weeks ago, when we launched our December contest that is still on! So, take the last days of the year to make sure you get your favorite girl crowned Christmas Piggy Princess before the end of 2016! Also, you will be delighted to discover that many of our…Continue Reading “Santa Claus is coming to… PiggyBankGirls!”


Who doesn’t love Christmas? You do? We do! And this is why we’re launching a Special Edition of our monthly contest to be a Piggy Princess! Starting on December 1st 2016, all of our girls have the chance to win the best prizes, amounting to a total of $1000. The first prize is $500!!! Yes, you hit the jackpot when you met us! All registered girls can participate, and all registered members can vote 1 time a day (shared votes on Twitter are worth double!). Members…Continue Reading “Are You Dreaming Of A Piggy Christmas? – Piggy Princess Of The Month Christmas Contest!!”


A few weeks ago we had a significant addition to our website: The amazing Ortega stepsisters! So, from now on you will have one more good reason to visit PiggyBankGirls on a daily basis. These two Venezuelan girls are gorgeous, very sexy and hot blooded and will make all your dreams come true. Check out their stunning pictures on our site, and enjoy their exclusive videos! Sheila and Kesha Ortega like to share everything, and we mean everything! They have performed with artists like Nacho Vidal or…Continue Reading “Have You Met The Ortega Girls Yet? They Are The Bomb!”


It seems like a good deal, doesn’t it? Wanking and planting . But what is It is a non-profit organization created last August 2016 by two French students —Fabien Sabatié and Antoine Fromaget— whose main goal is to plant trees where they are necessary. They want you to know that “the more you fap, the more we’ll plant trees!” and they have a transparent policy when it comes to their revenues. Everyone is free to join and to get a closer look at their finances…Continue Reading “ A fap for a seed!”


As of today, the controversy surrounding squirting is not only unresolved but also still very alive. You might like to know that, not so long ago (around January of 2015) there was a Twitter revolution with the hashtag #NotPee that raised polemic points of view. This cyber revolt was a response to a study conducted by French scientists claiming that women who ejaculated were actually releasing pee. You can read more about this here but rest assured that other studies, however, observed that the liquid emitted during…Continue Reading “What is it?! – Squirting? Female Ejaculation? #NotPee?”


“We live in crazy times” is probably a phrase your eldest have said a lot, specially in regards to the way sex is experienced in our current society. The older generations tend to criticize sexual freedom and stand in favor of more demure love behaviors. Sexual liberties are seen as a reflection of degraded and decadent societies, related to sin and harshly judged. Different kinds of love are often stigmatized and misunderstood even when people know somebody who practices them. This is frequently the case…Continue Reading “Different Kinds of Love: Polyamory”


When talking about websites like PiggyBankGirls a main question arises: Why pay for porn? Indeed, your Million Dollar Question. If these days anybody can easily access everything on the Internet, including porn, it seems like a dumb question, right? Many people will tell you that paying for porn is stupid. One can also listen to music online without fees, and download all kinds of movies, shows, books, etc. Why then should we pay for such products? Isn’t the Internet supposed to be a space where…Continue Reading “The Million Dollar Question: “Why pay for porn?””


As you maybe know, PiggyBankGirls has been nominated for the most innovative web product of the year 2014 by this year’s XBIZ Awards which were held yesterday in L.A. Sascha, our CEO, went there (quite a trip, since she was coming from Berlin) and attended it yesterday evening. What you probably don’t know yet is that some other company which I don’t want to mention right now because we’re still too sad had the nerve to have more votes than us and therefore went home…Continue Reading “XBIZ Awards – not this year…”


People often ask us what’s the secret in the PiggyBankGirls recipe. Okay, people don’t ask us that at all, I made that up, but I’m going to tell you anyway. In my opinion, it can’t be emphasised enough, as our concept is so fucking fair that sometimes, even we have a hard time believing it. One for all and all for one But joking aside, we really think that we have a great idea with PiggyBankGirls and that we’re trying everything to give everybody what…Continue Reading “PiggyBankGirls is Fair Trade!”