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Interview with Sexypornycp


This week we are introducing our girl Sexypornycp, whose real name is Key, a 28 year-old kinky mom, half Italian and half South African: what a rich combination! She’s a very extroverted and positive person, curious and open minded, and funny but serious. The best thing about her is her character, her smile and her positivity, she loves food, especially Asian, and she hates racism.


Sexypornycp started broadcasting as a camgirl 3 years ago: “At the beginning it was only a few hours a week, now I work 6 to 8 hours a day, on weekdays”. From a very young age she has always had a great relationship with sex, then in 2009 she met her current partner and she found in him a perfect sexual partner to work with: “We started as exhibitionists and we had lot of fun, I was 25 years old. We started broadcasting a few hours in the evenings, making great sexy shows as a couple”.


Sexypornycp made a profile on PiggyBankGirls, because she has been looking for this kind of sites for a long time: “I think PiggyBankGirls gives the opportunity to be present to all your fans and lovers, giving them your personal content and suggestions. I personally love the ‘project’ section, that gives you the opportunity to let the guests know you better and to participate actively in your life”. Good to know!


If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be herself on a happy day. Probably the reason why, in this industry, she doesn’t really have an idol, she just tries to give her guests special shows and a special room to spend their time. One of the weirdest things she’s ever done was a crossed eye blowjob: “It was funny and weird”. Another time she had to tickle her man wearing a kitty costume. Sexypornycp is bisexual and she loves girls and mature women: “My ultimate fantasy would be to spend a full night with at least 3 girls while my man watches me”. She would probably be using her favorite toy a lot: her Hitachi!


The nicest place she has ever been to is her bedroom, she jokes. It’s really Malta, but if she could go to one place in the world, she would go to Brazil because she loves hot places. Our girl loves to go for long walks and dancing: “I do different dance lessons. I love almost all kinds of music from techno to blues, good music only”. Her most well kept secrets are that she breastfed her kid for 3 years and that she loves to be surrounded by men: “Once I had 2 brothers in my bed”. Wow!


In the weirdest dream she ever had she was having sex in the central square of her city. If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be “Believe in yourself and don’t trust anyone”. Lastly, she loves her fans because they make her feel important. Thank you for such a fun interview, Sexypornycp!


Interview with Kitty LittleCaT


This week we are getting to know Kitty LittleCaT better: she’s a 20-year-old beautiful mix of Japanese and Persian blood, who describes herself as a little submissive pet: “BDSM in Asia gets more in pet behavior than slaves so, my Master treats me as his kitty, I am naughty and my Master puts me in cam and makes videos”. She also loves the gym and eating: her favorite food is her Master’s lobster paella!


Kitty goes to school and then mostly she “gets naughty on weekends or when there is no school”. She believes the best thing about her are her breasts: “I do a lot of gym to keep them perky and nice”. Something she loves is her Master’s cooking and massages, and something she hates is when people try to tell her they can be her Master: “I have one already, I chose for myself”. She’s a camgirl who works mostly during the weekends on Chaturbate and Camangelz, but she does not make porn movies because, as she puts it, “I only engage in naughty behavior with Master”.


She explains that she started in the adult industry because she’s too horny and her Master sometimes is too busy, “so he told me I can be in cam to calm my urges, and it worked well for me, I also use my own brand of toys and my own brand of clothes”. She looks up to her master as her hero because “he’s an admirable person”.

Kitty chose PiggyBankGirls because it is a good alternative and it’s easy to use for her: “I love the colors, and the pig is a nice animal for us in this part of the world”. She also thinks our site is attractive and that “a piggybank is a cute term for a fund”. Kitty likes how easy it is to upload her content and “the awesome customer support and communications”.


The weirdest thing Kitty ever did in front of a camera was to play with her Master’s dick trying to penetrate her nose in a private show, and also licking her feet for a viewer, which was new for her. Her favorite sex toy is her SexyKittyKat Eggy and her Flamingo Controller. You can get her personal toys on PiggyBankGirls!


The nicest place she’s ever been in is Phuket, in Thailand, but if she could go to one place in the world it would be Venice, to see “that bridge under which you kiss someone and they always stay with you, I want to have sex under that bridge with Master”. Sounds so romantic!

In her free time, Kitty does a lot of gym almost every day, and she watches a lot of movies to improve her English. She cooks and has been trying to cook something that will impress her Master, who is a chef: “Until now he has liked a couple of my dishes”. She prefers soft romantic music. Her intimate secret is that she sometimes wears her Master’s underwear to go out: “I feel secure with it, and I like it, somehow I feel I can smell him on me”. In her weirdest dream she saw her Master fucking another girl in front of her: “it was weird and difficult”.


If Kitty could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be to get into camming faster than she did. In the future she wants to make more videos, more camming, and open a cake shop, her biggest dream. She just moved to a better place with better 100Mb HD connection thanks to her Master and her fans, and in 5 years she hopes she can get the courage to be with another girl in front of Master, “as that’s what he likes to see”. She also dreams of making full videos travelling, writing a blog about the countries that she visits, like Australia, Singapore, Thailand and “go around doing outdoor takes with famous views on it. That would be awesome”. Kitty loves her fans because they always support her all the time, no matter if she cams little or much. Go, Kitty LittleCaT!


Interview with Fetish Foxy


Our Girl of the Week is Fetish Foxy from Porto, in Portugal, who describes herself as “many things, proactive, happy but with a bad temper sometimes”. She confesses her ID says she’s 38 but she feels young at mind. Foxy is very prolific: she has a degree in Forensics, she’s a writer with one book in the libraries and another one being soon released, she’s an actress of BDSM films as a Mistress and she also owns a BDSM toys and furniture brand (bdsmglobal) and a BDSM residence (kinkyredroom).

Foxy loves adventures and challenges, although she also admits she’s a romantic at heart “but a beast when people try to run me over”. She is fun to hang out and to cuddle with as well, and “you can invite me to a rave or to see a film with a blanket on the couch!”. The best thing about her is that she is a true friend and things go wild with her. She loves her son and hates envy. Her favorite food is sushi!

Foxy Fetish started with BDSM movies for Genuine films. The first time she filmed in Antwerp at @Fetish Café and she explains: “it was nerve-wracking but great and I got addicted”. She works a lot between the brand, the books, the residence and the sessions, but she loves her job. She also used to webcam for some years but she does it less currently because she prefers to perform in sessions as a Dominatrix, that way she gets to travel a lot and to know dungeons all over the world: “Slaves take care of the trips, hotel, dungeons and serve me during my stay”. That’s probably why the nicest place she’s ever been to is her own dungeon. Surprised?


She started in this industry because it came so natural to her: “I started a blog about alternative lives in 2005, I wrote about Swing, BDSM and took hot pictures as a couple. I started going to swing clubs and ended up doing BDSM shows…”. Foxy opened a BDSM oriented store in 2006 and gave workshops to young people about safety and fetish: “Well, I was pulled to that world because I was the only one talking about it….10 years ago!”. Therefore, the person she looks up to in the field is herself: “In my country I am the only one almost…so ME! I keep trying to upgrade myself!”. However, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be well-known publisher and playboy Hugh Hefner.

She got to know PiggyBankGirls at the Salón Erótico de Barcelona: “I got some gifts that I love, the promoters were amazing and they signed me up! It’s great, just simple enough and converts well!”. And we are so glad to have you with us!


When we asked her what was the weirdest thing she had ever done in front of a camera she told us about the one time when she made a girl squirt: “but she didn’t say that she could do it, so I was wearing these giant boots and I fell down the stage. People got soaked, it was this firefighter huge squirt…”. Sounds wild!

In her ultimate fantasy she always dreams of this hotel: “white curtains, wind blowing, hot breeze caressing the skin… sex in the late afternoon… with my hot lover… both tanned… skin moist and… you get the idea! I have done all my complex fantasies, the simple one are what I’m missing! :P”. So when it comes to playing, she likes to keep it simple too: her favorite sex toy is her magic wand. And talking about dreams, in the weirdest one she ever had she was having sex with a stranger that played guitar: “wtf (why the guitar?)”.


In her spare time she works out (it’s a new thing for her!). She also loves animals and she’s very eclectic regarding music: “I like almost everything but for me there’s no music like the oldies”. If she could go to one place in the world, she would choose Greece. Next month she will go to Ibiza and she went to Brazil in 2016 for the second time: she travels whenever she wants. And here’s a shocker! She lives with husband number one and husband number two: “I call them the work husband and the house husband. Missing a manager husband to deal with the numbers”. Any volunteers?

If Foxy could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be “go to a big country in Europe, you will be a millionaire at 25”. In the future she will relocate “for my summer breeze. I will show up muscled”. She also plans on making more films, going to more erotic fairs and performing more sadistic plays: “I will be in a club in Ibiza that will open this year with two more mistresses, for some wild play!”. Her fans are extremely important to her because “they always make me smile every day in the morning!”. Thank you for a great interview, Foxy!


Lizbeth Teller Interview

NGRiNTQzNDA2OTVlZjk3YzNkZGJlOTgxZTMzNDJiYjk=This week we are introducing Lizbeth Teller, a 39-year-old cam model from Michigan who describes herself as “down to earth, funny, real, sexy, sensual, a tease, goddess, femdom and vanilla queen”. The best thing about her are her eyes or hair, “but many would also say my ass”, she adds. Lizbeth loves her family, hates rude people, and her favorite food is: “Shakeology….it’s basically food”. If she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be a millionaire! Who wouldn’t? :)


Lizbeth is not only a cam model, but she also maintains her website and shares content on multiple websites: “I offer private and skype shows as well as custom videos”. She works 25 to 40 hours a week: “Even when I’m not on cam working there’s a lot of behind the scenes work being done!”. She explains she chose PiggyBankGirls since she wanted to run a project on the site and raise funds while being able to have another avenue for distributing her content.

She decided to get into this industry in 2012, because she thought it would be fun and a way to explore her own sexuality while helping herself become even more comfortable in her own skin. Lizbeth believes that there are many “wonderful ladies in the industry who are unique in their own ways and inspire others in the industry”. She deeply admires Paige Blue, Mrs. Jenna Rod, Jayne Cobb, Dreamgirl420x-SimplyAlice and Savannah Steele, to name just a few!


The weirdest thing she has ever done in front of a camera was being teased with a tampon in, she laughs. Her favorite sex toy is her Nora Lovense toy! And the weirdest dream she ever had was related to her job because in it she was hanging out in a strip club with other cam models 😉

Her hobbies include working out, pole dance and fitness though she does both of those on cam sometimes. When we asked her to share a secret she told us she’s a mother of a wonderful 23-year-old: “Many don’t believe or see me as a mom”. She also confesses she’s a home body, and she enjoys being in the comfort of home more than going out and social gatherings. The nicest place she has ever been is Florida: “I don’t travel that much”, she confessed.


If Lizbeth could give a piece of advice to a younger version of herself it would be to start camming soon. She loves it so much that in the future we can expect a lot from her, “hopefully more awesome content!”, as she regularly tries to make more to distribute. And in 5 years, “hopefully I’ll still be spending time on cam and remain one of the hottest milf around ;)”. For real!

Lastly, she loves her fans because “they contribute to helping me survive and pay the bills of life…. at least the ones who are true fans and not the freeloader type so called fans :P”. Keep it up, Lizbeth!


Evilynmichelle Interview

pbg1On the first week of the new year we are getting to know 19 year-old Evilynmichelle a little better. She’s from the United States of America and she’s friendly, talkative, and bubbly: “Always a smile on my face, while also carrying an air of mystery and wonder”. The best thing about her, in her own words, is “Everything. I’m freaking great”. She loves her family, her pets, nature, and her stuff, but she hates “rude ass people”. Her favorite food is anything her older sister makes: “no joke!”.

Evilynmichelle is a cam girl who used to work around six hours a day when she first started, usually on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Nowadays, she is able to cam two hours in the day and two hours at night: “Following me on Twitter would be the best way to find out the times I am on. I also have a snapchat and skype for purchase that I connect with others quite frequently”. If you’re a fan of Evilynmichelle’s don’t miss your chance and follow her!


She had several reasons for starting in the industry, but the main one was to help people: “After my ex-boyfriend of two years left me, I felt so empty and useless. I have always been into modeling and even knew a few models who were cam girls also”. Then she saw a video on buzz feed about this famous cam girl who explained how the industry wasn’t easy and how hard it was, as well as how it was hard to love herself and her body: “I just saw how well respected she was and that just got me in”, Evilynmichelle explains. She learned that being a cam girl is not all about sex: “There are men who just want to talk and have some fun. There are men who are lonely and just need someone. I love helping people and working at home. I just saw a brighter future being a cam girl. I knew it was right. I had a gut feeling, always follow that”. She has been camming for a year now, she did a live solo sex show and the “rest is history”, she finishes.


Fortunately for us, she opened a profile on our site! “PiggyBankGirls started following my Twitter page. I followed them back and they messaged me. PiggyBankGirls told me who they are and what they do. I went on their page and read what they do for the men and models. I thought it was great and I signed up. My main reason for joining is how fucking helpful PiggyBankGirls are. When I need help they message me ASAP! Other cam sites are not helpful to me nor my customers. Other sites do not care for their models. PiggyBankGirls are so nice and helpful. They make my job less stressful. I love that I can sell goods. That is my favorite”.


The weirdest thing she has ever done in front of a camera was one time when she was doing a private show: “The guy wanted me to bend over and then turn around to blow smoke. I was bending over shaking my booty when I lit my cig and BOOM, my hair was on fire! I patted my head for the fire to burn out. I was laughing hoping the guy didn’t see”. Luckily her hair wasn’t damaged either. Her favorite sex toy is a little dildo (“It’s super fun!”) and her ultimate fantasy is just “Wonderland”. Mysterious, huh?


If Evilynmichelle could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be her great grandmother: “I would want to ask her all about her life. I want to know her stories now that I am older. I want to hug her and just hang out like the good old days”. No wonder her family are her heroes! She looks up to them the most, so if she could go to one place in the world it would be camping with them: “Somewhere nice and one with nature”. The nicest place she has ever been was on top of a little mountain watching the sunset on the city.


Work is Evilynmichelle’s favorite hobby and she believes “as a Virgo it is in my blood”. She loves hiking, camping, the gym, writing, dancing, doodles, doing her hair and make-up, etc. Indeed, she has a lot of hobbies and she loves trying new things. She claims all her dreams are weird: “I never have a “normal” one”. And she doesn’t really keep any secrets: “I am an open book. I talk a lot… so good luck trying to remember half of what was coming out of my mouth”. Ha!

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger version of herself it would be “Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop hating your body and your beauty. Everyone loves you just the way you are!”. Very true! It’s great to find out that she has a “whole lot of stuff” in mind for her future: “I am going to get my GED so I can go to college. I am going to tell my family I am a cam girl, and be camming more. I see happiness and so many things coming, I cannot wait!”


Last but not least, she loves her fans because they respect her and she respects them: “They do not judge that I am a cam girl. They never judge me. They always support me no matter what. When I am down they know how to bring me back up. I just see so many people who actually care for me. I care for all my fans. Without them I would not be me. I can be myself and that just means so much”. Keep up the good work, Evilynmichelle!


Interview with Anna_Kushh


This week we want you to meet 27 year-old Anna_Kushh, whose real name is Anna, “from the naughty kushland :)”. She describes herself as a definitely open-minded girl who likes to have fun: “I’m shy at first but get to know me and let’s get naughty”. The best thing about her are her eyes and ass, she loves kush and chocolate and she hates world hate and world hunger. Probably the reason why, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world, it would be the President: “The world needs to be a better place. We need to start changing as a whole. Only takes a little effort to make a difference”.

Anna_Kushh is a camgirl and she has been on and off camming for 3 years now. She really likes her job because she loves making people happy: “I’m always available to play. I mainly get online though at night but plan on signing on in the am and pm. I’m on Eastern time”. She is currently taking care of her elderly grandmother so she stays at home a lot. With this industry she gets to set her own hours to accommodate to her schedule: “I used to work at an adult bookstore where I got all my outfits and toys from, one of the models told me about camming : ) I also rescue homeless and abused animals so I have to stay at home to take care of them”. The first time she did a private show she was very shy because she had never masturbated in front of anybody before: “After I got comfortable it was amazing. He opened my mind and helped me explore my body to where I can cum hands free!”.


She made an account with PiggyBankGirls because she was looking for a great opportunity to meet different people and even make new videos at request. She’s new to the site and she really likes the previews and the variety of options that we offer. We are so glad to have her with us!

The weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera was in one of her first couple shows, where she had to play with food: “I was asked to stick a stick of butter in my pussy then let it melt. It was a messy good time”. And her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi!

The nicest place she has ever been to is Travis City, Michigan, but her dream vacation would be going to Hawaii because of its “ultimately outstanding beauty everywhere” and because she loves that “the atmosphere with the people on the island is more relaxing than busy city life”. In the weirdest dream Anna has ever had she was a giant, and then a midget!

Anna_Kushh likes to have fun and be outside, and she spends most of her free time with her 12 rescued animals and her grandmother whom she takes care of and lives with. She grew up with her grandparents so she likes all genres of music. Her hero is Marilyn Monroe because she was beautiful inside and out. In her opinion, she showed girls of all sizes they can be attractive and confident.

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Start camming sooner lol”. This is probably why, in the future, she wants her name to be known and she plans on making changes to her cam shows, adding games and new outfits and topics: “I’m trying to get a bigger house so I can have more room and privacy to play. I have a stripper pole just waiting to be put up but need bigger space”.

She’s an open book and shares everything with her fans, for whom she has a message: “I love all my fans! Without my fans this means nothing: You guys make it possible. Thanks for everyone who promotes and spoils me on and off cam! Xoxox”. Go, Anna_Kushh!


Interview with MorganLeFay


This week we are so thrilled to introduce you to MorganLeFay or Morgana Pendragon who, “in this lifetime”, is from England and is currently 40 years. The best thing about her physically are her eyes, hair, legs and feet “although some would argue that my breasts are quite nice too”. Something she loves is sharing happy times with those she loves, but she hates that there are still wars and people suffering in our world. Her favorite food are strawberries. Do you want to know more? Then keep reading and watch her clip! For her interview, she kindly prepared a very original video where she answers to our questions on her chatroom camera!

She describes herself “as an ancient magical sexual soul, living in the modern world, aware of both my own and other people’s desires and innermost needs and wants”. She claims to also be “able to see through people, space and time, to create beauty, where only a barren landscape has previously existed”, and says she walk with one foot on the Earth and the other on Avalon, where she belongs. According to those who know her, she is funny, creative and kind. In her free time, she loves to write —especially songs and poems— to draw, sometimes paint, and to walk barefoot on the sand.  She enjoys the finer things in life, she is very fussy and she has a very expensive taste! However, she admits that she’s just as happy to eat a raw salad as she is to feast on a well prepared banquet. If you wanna know more she wants you to know that you should just come and chat on cam and get to know her better yourself! Are you down?


She claims to be a “Cam Goddess, Priestess Of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress and Seductress” so, not your average Cam Girl or Pornstar. She is not roleplaying or cosplaying but she is genuinely who she says she is: “Some may call me a Cam Model, yes, but I am not just any old model. As you will surely find out”. For sure her confessions will surprise you because she doesn’t consider what she does work: “I live a magical life, on and off cam. I simply use the internet as a way of delivering my magic”. She tends to spend approximately 5-6 hours each day, on weekdays, live on cam, but also offers her services via phone and at a distance: “There are, in addition, always new spells to write, formulas to blend, clips to film and edit, writing to write, people to connect with and dresses to sew. All of which take time”. But she’s never too busy to use her favorite sex toy: her gold magic bullet!

When asked why did she choose to work in the adult industry, she declares that she did not: “I have just always been very sexual in nature, too much so, to class myself as ever belonging to any other. It is the most natural place for me to be”. She finds our question about who’s her hero in this field very curious because although there are many great people out there who do great things: “I am me, Morgana, and one hopes, that you, are you.  If we simply look to follow in the footsteps of others, we may never truly know ourselves”. This is why she encourages everyone to seek out their own path and take inspiration from others but not be in awe of any one individual or seek to completely copy them, either: “Nobody should be placed upon a pedestal. We are all the children of the Goddess”. However, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be Angelina Jolie or Anna Bell Peaks 😉


She loves PiggyBankGirls because she believes we are a brilliant platform, offering a unique opportunity for sexy girls to fund their projects, using their creative skills: “Being who I am, and having experienced the conservative policies of many other crowdfunding sites, I have found you to be the ONLY viable choice”. We are so glad to hear this!

She told us that some people find everything she does weird, so watch her video if you wanna find out about those! But MorganLeFay told us about a recent paranormal experience that she had: “A few months ago, I was filming myself performing a full moon sex magic ritual. I had the cam on, as I was getting ready and the ritual went well. As far as I was concerned, at that time, everything was perfectly ‘normal’. However, the next day I decided to go through what I’d shot and edit it”. So suddenly, while editing, she saw something very weird appear and then disappear on her screen. She watched it again, and there it was: “Want to know what I saw?  I actually managed to capture my fairy dragon swooping down!”. She called a few paranormal friends and they all confirmed that it was indeed a ‘weird’ winged creature, the size of a fairy. If you want to see it, you can find it as a free video on PiggyBankGirls.

As you can see, MorganLeFay is a very unconventional camgirl so she confesses she always has weird, alternate reality and lucid dreams, mainly where she goes back in time, although sometimes forward too. She often dreams she can fly as well. It’s not surprising, then, that her ultimate fantasy is to go back in time to Medieval England, where she would live in a castle and she’d be able to call the sexiest of her knights to come up to her bedchambers to please and pleasure her, whenever she desired. Sounds like so much fun! Along the same lines, in the weirdest dream she has ever had she was a Queen in a Temple, with lots of half-naked people offering themselves to her.


Morgan says she feels very fortunate to live where she lives, by the sea, but if she could she would go on vacation to a tropical island or into space! “The beaches these days are too polluted with people to be able to find peace and quiet”. She adores visiting the stone circles and other sacred Pagan sites: “I find taking the time, each year, to travel to one or more really empowers me and allows me to connect with the raw energies of the land”. Besides, she loves the forests and the beaches and would love to find a deserted beach alongside a dense wooded landscape, where she could call to her dragon to come and sit and chill.

Our girl feels very fortunate because her magic is her life, not work, and it encompasses her hobbies. She enjoys spending time with her pets, friends and family, shopping, reading, walking, fossil hunting, cooking and being creative. Also, she likes a varied selection of music, depending on her mood or the magic she’s performing, but she adores Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, The Mediaeval Baebes, Era, Tattoo, Modern Talking and other 80‘s bands.


She shared a juicy secret with us! When she was still living with her parents, she had told them she was sick, when what she was actually doing was having sex with her first boyfriend: “My mother burst in on me, to see if I was feeling any better and he had to quickly hide under my bed covers. She didn’t see him and still doesn’t know what I was really doing to this day”. Poor mom!

Talking about the past, if she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Believe in yourself, don’t be as trusting with those you don’t know and that you are right about most things, so trust in your intuitive feelings. I would say, spend more time with your grandmother, as she’ll die very young and don’t eat as many sweets as in the future it will mean more trips to the dentist!”. And about the future, she expects to keep doing many things, as she has creative ideas constantly and she struggles to find the time and funds to action them, so provided her fund at PiggyBankGirls generates enough support: “I’d love to create my own sexual, magical, comic book, plus complete an interactive course about sexual sorcery. I’ve also written the first chapter of a book, which I really want to be able to complete and plan and produce my own range of products too, for my store. There’s always something up my sleeve, as I always like to keep busy!”. Finally, she loves her fans because they see her for who she really is, they allow her to explore her sexuality and creativity and encourage her to achieve her full potential. Fascinating interview, Morgana!


Interview with GoddessDivina


This week we are telling you more about GoddessDivina, a 27 year-old Texan who is very outgoing, fun, friendly, open minded, smart, caring and talkative! The best thing about her is that she’s very open minded, non-judgmental, hardworking, honest, funny, and overall amazing: “No, really, I love meeting new people and accepting them for who they are, and in this world we live in that’s priceless”. Some of the things she loves are food, sleep, her family, sex, shoes, shopping and money, and she hates judgmental people, bad hygiene, freeloaders, time-wasters and roaches. Quite the list!


She works an average of 10 hours a day doing fetish goddess, findom and femdom, among others. She chose to work in the adult industry because it’s fun, lucrative, and it’s never boring: “I’ve always been interested in the adult industry, I guess since I watched my first fetish porn movie and ever since I worked at an adult video store”. GoddessDivina started as a camgirl but she has always done fetish shows, pics, and videos and she enjoys doing those the most.  She claims that all girls are her heroes in this industry because “they are all amazing in their own way.  It wouldn’t be fair to just choose one”.


GoddessDivina signed up with PiggyBankGirls because she heard really good reviews about us and because “I love pigs :) the animal and the human kind”. She believes it’s an easy site to navigate and to upload content to, and to advertise on social networking sites.  When we ask her what is the weirdest thing she ever did in front of a camera she responds: “Wow! Too many to choose from, I guess anything public. Also, watching slaves on cam doing crazy things to amuse me”. Her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi wand!

As a good findom, GoddessDivina’s ultimate fantasy would include a vacation in Brazil eating her favorite food, getting her feet massaged, and being able to sit back and count her money”. Ha! The nicest place she has ever been is Hawaii, and she would go again if she could. She would also like to travel to Japan, Italy, Puerto Rico, Australia, Peru and Greece.


In her spare time, GoddessDivina loves to hang out with her family and to relax. She loves 80’s music mainly but she also likes rock, Latin music, reggae, jazz, classic and even some country! When asked to share a secret with us she confessed she is in love with reptiles! Some of her favorite foods are seafood, Chinese, Latin and Italian. The weirdest dream she ever had was terrible because in it she died in a bus accident: “it felt so real and it was scary and eerie”.

If GoddessDivina could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Don’t worry so much and do better in school and face your fears”. This is why in the future she expects to accomplish many things, “as I evolve into my own person, and mature and grow as a woman”. Her plans include going back to college and finishing her Dental Hygiene Degree.  In 5 years she sees herself wherever life takes her: “I hope I am happy, healthy and so is my family.  The rest will take care of itself”. And last but not least, she adores her fans because they love her just the way she is: “they spoil me and they spoil me for just being me”. Keep going, GoddessDivina!


Interview with HazelnutLatte


This week we are meeting HazelnutLatte, a 26 year-old girl from the lovely land of Australia, whose real name is Skye. She would describe herself as a Persian princess who enjoys all different types of new experiences. You might be surprised to discover that she actually works full time in the health field, but she likes to express her kinky side through webcam modelling and custom videos: “I try and spend a couple of hours a day on my naughty fun”. The best thing about her is her determination to evolve: “I am always keen to learn and play around with new ideas”. She loves summertime (“A warm Christmas in Australia is amazing!”) because she hates the cold.

HazelnutLatte comes from an ultra conservative background and she believes she has missed out on many fun experiences during her teenage years. When she started dating, her boyfriends would love taking photos of her and try and persuade her to allow them to film suggestive videos. At the time she felt so uncomfortable and self-conscious but when she started working in this industry, she decided to dig up one of those old videos and offer it for sale: “It was a success and I not only felt empowered, but a little sexual thrill at the idea of someone else watching me”.


Her hero in this industry is Ceara Lynch, whom she first heard about on a famous podcast she listens to on a regular basis: “She discussed her role as origins and her current role as a humiliatrix. I was intrigued and started exploring what was out there. My search fueled my curiosity further and I found myself wanting to enter this world, myself”. She still purchases and enjoys Ceara’s videos, but now she also follows other domes: “I love the way they take ownership and while I have my own style, it makes for great viewing”. And of course, if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be her: “She fascinates me in every way”.

Although HazelnutLatte is still new on PiggyBankGirls, she loves the concept, the look and the feel of the site. She explains she has been a supporter of various kick-starter funds and has always wanted to start her own: “PiggyBankGirls not only makes it easier for me, but has an atmosphere that is fun and vibrant. I’m hoping that PiggyBankGirls will help me to kick-start my health consulting business”. We are here to help!

HazelnutLatte is reluctant to defining any acts as weird, “as we all have our interesting kinks”, but one situation she did find rather different was a request for her to trample raw meat in a pair of rain-boots: “This was a custom video in which I was not to show my face or any other part of my body other than my feet, putting on the boots and then stomping away. It was actually quite fun and would have been more so had it not made me hungry :p”.


While she enjoys the fun vanilla acts in which she is satisfied orally, she gets a particular thrill out of being in control. Her ultimate fantasy involves denying orgasm, choking (as the choker) and having a submissive massage her feet. Her favorite sex toy is her gorgeous, purple vibrator: “It has kept me hot and steamy on many cold nights”.

The nicest place she has ever been is Bali. Her last visit was to meet up with a dear friend and she managed to have a side fling during her short stay. Sounds perfect! But her dream vacation would be to Japan because she loves the culture, anime, food and the friendliness of the locals. Her first stop would be to the Harijuku district to view some interesting costumes and perhaps purchase her own.

Outside her working life, HazelnutLatte spends a lot of time at the gym and she’s very involved in the martial arts world: “That’s probably where the need to dominate comes from”. Other than that, she enjoys photography —although she declares she’s still very much a novice—, cooking and trying new cuisines and experiences. Her favorite food is chocolate! And as for music: “I always have to return to early 2000’s R&B”.


When we asked her to share a secret with us she confessed she collects teapots and she loves watching antiques roadshow: “This is an absolute guilty pleasure, but I’ll watch along and imitate the presenters when they provide a valuation”. And if you wanna know more personal details about HazelnutLatte, in the weirdest dream she ever had she was running through a volcano being chased by giant spiders: “Some say that recurring dreams often come true and I’ve had this more than once now!”. Terrifying!

If she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Never listen to those who tell you what you shouldn’t do, provided it is not a harmful activity. Life is about taking risks and making our own mistakes”. This is probably why she has so many plans for the future. She claims her life is constantly shifting and she enjoys the idea of evolving as a person and as an entrepreneur: “Who knows where my journey will lead in a month, let alone a year!”.

Lastly, she loves her fans because they are amazing, she exclaims: “They make me feel great about myself and I enjoy every second of showing off”. Keep it up, HazelnutLatte!


Interview with lilTWINKE

Picture 397

This week we are interviewing one of our newest incorporations: lilTWINKE, a 19 year-old from South-eastern USA, “born and raised in the South”. She describes herself as a “Kinky Fun-sized Brat” and believes the best thing about herself is her open mind. She’s a camgirl and model and works 40 hours a week. She was 18 when she started because she wanted to start saving up for her student loans. Her hero in this industry is Ceara Lynch, so much that if she could spend a day in the life of anyone in the world it would be her.

lilTWINKE signed up on PiggyBankGirls because she was looking for new outlets to get her custom content out there: “I know my videos and photos are great. I put 110% into every project and want more of an audience”. Her work is indeed extremely creative and the weirdest thing she has ever done in front of a camera was licking her dirty sneakers and smelly socks for a video: “A lot of people liked it”. But her ultimate fantasy is to be with a woman and a man at the same time, she laughs. Her favorite sex toy is Hitachi: “hands down!”.

Picture 760

Something lilTWINKE loves is sock fetish and role play, but she hates it when people discourage her from her dreams: “it makes me hate them, not what they are saying necessarily but that they just feel that way”. This is probably the reason why, if she could give a piece of advice to a younger self it would be: “Be patient. Don’t get so frustrated”. Fortunately, she can always rely on coffee! We asked her what her favorite food was: “Coffee. Oh wait you said food” 😀

The nicest place she has ever been is The Bahamas: “The ocean down there is so pretty and blue”. But if she could go to one place in the world it would be Hello Kitty Land, in Japan. lilTWINKE also loves to go to the beach, specially since it’s not very far of a drive from her home: “I love collecting the shells there and chasing the birds”.

The weirdest dream lilTWINKE has ever had was a sex dream before she had even had sex, and it was with a stranger, so that is interesting to her. When asked if she would share a secret with us she confesses that she didn’t even know what BDSM stood for two years ago. She sure does now!

Our girl is currently developing her own brand, she’s learning to advertise and she wants more people to know about her: “I was told I probably wouldn’t last like most camgirls past 6 months. I have been in the business for a year and a half now and I don’t want to stop any time soon”. Finally, she couldn’t do without her fans because: “They love what I do!”. Keep up the good work, lilTWINKE!