This week we’re interviewing 21-year-old Angelthing or Angel, originally from Long Island but who recently moved to Las Vegas for the scenery. She describes herself as a “pro hoe” who likes money and does a lot of things: “If you are willing to talk about what makes you tick, I’ll become a professional in you. Whether I exploit it or not really depends on if you are into that sort of thing. I guess you’d just have to try me for yourself”. Do you dare?…Continue Reading “Interview with Angelthing”


We are on fire this year and we want all of you to make the most out of the new PiggyBankGirls! We believe our heroes and princesses deserve only the best and with you in mind we have created the renewed Premium membership, with great and improved features! Find out everything you can do: Send unlimited messages to your favorite girls – They can’t wait to meet you and chat with their biggest fan! Get 5 daily votes in PBG contests – Our contests are…Continue Reading “A new era for Premium members”


Get ready for our Geek Piggy Princess Contest! We want you to let your nerdiest side run wild this Spring! May the 4th is Star Wars Day and May the 25th is Geek Pride Day so we thought we would pay an homage to all the cool geeks out there!     Starting on April 19th 2017, all of our girls have the chance to win the best prizes, amounting to a total of 1000$. The first prize is 500$!!! All registered girls can participate,…Continue Reading “Be proud of your geekiness! – Geek Piggy Princess Contest”


Our first Easter Piggy Princess Contest has arrived to an end! It has been a month full of thrill, excitement and pleasure! We wanted to thank everybody who participated and made this possible: both our very own PiggyBankGirls and our members. And now… finally the names of the winners!!! Check the list of our 10 finalists and their cute pictures. Enjoy!   First position: Victoria Alouqua   Second position: Ava Moore   Third position: Kinkycalliebbw     Fourth position: AnnaKushh   Fifth position: Kat Aluna…Continue Reading “Easter Piggy Princess Contest – And The Winner Is…”


This week we are interviewing Norse Goddess (“InloveGiovanna” on Twitter) a Spanish 36-year-old woman who lives in the Canary Islands. She defines herself as a “naughty seller of used panties” and as a “just married lover of sexual excitement and passionate about nice lingerie”. The best thing about herself is that she is very dedicated to everything she does. She loves to spend money, “if it’s somebody else’s even better”, and she hates lies, hypocrisy and double standards. Her favorite food is Spanish omelet with…Continue Reading “Interview with Norse Goddess”


This week we are interviewing Kara XxXPtolemy whose name is Kára, a 32-year-old American of Ukrainian and Scottish descent. She was born in northern Florida, so she declares she’s a beach girl: “I love the water!”. She describes herself as short with the petite body of a teen: “Blue eyes you have to compliment, and very bashful when called beautiful”. For real!     The best thing about her is her positive attitude. She loves her husband, her cats and belly dancing, and she hates lying….Continue Reading “Interview with Kara XxX Ptolemy”


KittyLittleCaT is one of our PiggyBankGirls: she was Girl of the Week back in February and she loves our website. When she received our gift box she didn’t think twice!     All she wanted was to make her own sexy content with our fun goodies: “It was an excellent box of great useful things, that I love”.     Don’t miss her naughty pictures wearing the PiggyBankGirls merchandising! She’s gonna use our presents to keep her coins, for the summer or to write her notes….Continue Reading “KittyLittleCaT is loving her PiggyBankGirls gifts!”


This week we interviewed 22-year-old Delilah Dee, a.k.a Delidee, from South Africa, who defines herself as friendly and honest, “sometimes too honest”. The best thing about her is the fact that she looks like a bimbo, but she can surprise you “with that thing between my ears”. Delidee loves being spoilt, pretty things, unicorns, mermaids, tattoos, rainy days, horror movies, lingerie, being naughty and feeling sexy, and she hates arrogance, two-faced people, freeloaders, scammers, overly-hot days and having her car washed. Her favorite food is…Continue Reading “Interview with Delidee”


This week we are interviewing Venus HaineX, who took this name after a night club she discovered by chance when she was little, and “that had pink windows and mirrors with lights, and a bunch of pearls everywhere”. Even still unaware of what it was, she told her mom she wanted to live and work there. Later on, she found out what it was and she still liked it “because it looked like a slutty Barbie palace”. Venus, who just turned 27 on Saint Patrick’s…Continue Reading “Interview with Venus HaineX”


This year the Easter Bunny is bringing you something more than eggs! We’re launching our contest to be a Piggy Princess for Easter! Yes, we’re early but we want to give you the best Easter you ever had! Starting on March 20th 2017, all of our girls have the chance to win the best prizes, amounting to a total of 1000$. The first prize is 500$!!! Because we’re feeling sweet as chocolate! All registered girls can participate, and all registered members can vote 1 time…Continue Reading “Easter PiggyPrincess Contest!”