Help me meet my goals and be the sexy woman I want to be

I am Daley Catherine and I need some help to pay down my debt so I can get new boobies! I want to feel sexy and curvy but I need YOUR help. Please help me out by donating what you can. Higher donations get you the best prizes! Don’t be shy, stop on by.

  • 1% Funded
  • $30.00 Funded
  • 187 Days to Go

My Computer is Dying

Help me get a good computer for making new adult content. My current laptop may die at any moment.

  • 6% Funded
  • $115.00 Funded
  • 74 Days to Go

~ Candy’s Camming & Computing Cash Collection ~

My name’s Candy ~ I’m looking for new camming and computer equipment so I can continue to produce sexy content just for you! Please consider helping the fund ~ every donation gets spoiled in return! xoxo

  • 2% Funded
  • $25.00 Funded
  • 75 Days to Go

Money for my new car

My mother and granny gave me money for my new car and I want to be a “good daughter” and give them back a bit. Please!!! Could you help me out?

  • 26% Funded
  • $260.00 Funded
  • 18 Days to Go

Lights off, spotlights on: may the stage be mine!

If this project works out, I would love to finance professional singing lessons. The money crowdfunded from a successful campaign would be enough to pay for two years of singing lessons. My biggest dream…

  • 2% Funded
  • $50.00 Funded
  • 68 Days to Go

Single HOT MOMMA needs help moving

Help me stay OUT OF DEBT and be STRESS FREE about my upcoming move! Generous rewards for contributors!

  • 34% Funded
  • $1,060.00 Funded
  • 61 Days to Go

New Car

I am Giselle and am working hard to save for a new car! My goal is $3000 – with each donation, you get a prize from me =)

  • 4% Funded
  • $130.00 Funded
  • 47 Days to Go

help me get a very sexy pirate ship tattoo!

my name is Katherine im back on PBG and i would love to get a new tattoo! if your interested please help fund me so i can get some new ink! sexy perks are definitely going to be given for your help!

  • 46% Funded
  • $230.00 Funded
  • 55 Days to Go